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produce below capacity or demand

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Indeed, mice that overproduce growth hormone die sooner than normal mice, and fruit flies that underproduce growth hormone live longer than normal flies.
Winterhalder, for example, provides an easy review of optimal foraging, finishing with a succinct discussion of foragers' tendency to underproduce and criticisms of the optimization assumption.
38) They can 1) mimic a natural hormone and thus fool the body into responding a certain way, 2) interfere with the reception of hormones by hormone receptors, 3) directly alter a hormone and impede its function, 4) cause the body to overproduce or underproduce natural hormones, or 5) decrease or increase the number of hormone receptors.
They don't care that a boss could retaliate by giving a bad reference later, and they will quit--or underproduce just enough to make the point without getting fired--if they're not happy with the leadership provided.
Researchers want to know, for instance, whether mutated genes underproduce or overproduce certain substances, such as enzymes.
Two, is it appropriate to challenge the assertion that private and free markets always underproduce public goods?
In such a case, the host firm finds it optimal to underproduce to encourage a change in the entry mode; this is better than choosing a first-period output above the myopic solution, and thereby a reduction of [?
Dictatorial regimes systematically underproduce most
Additionally, Klein and Murphy [1988] suggest that if product quality is not observable by consumers prior to purchase, some dealers can profitably underproduce service levels that affect quality and free ride on performing dealers.
Ineffective rail operation under government ownership resulted in declines in volumes transported but no significant loss of market share; instead, the ore producers were forced to underproduce demand.
systematically underproduce or overproduce process and decision costs?
It is well known that market power causes firms to underproduce from a social welfare perspective.
Unfortunately, a wide variety of viruses, including HIV and hepatitis C, certain parasites such as malaria, and a number of different tumor cells have evolved ways of evading destruction by the immune system by causing the body to overproduce Th2 cytokines and underproduce Th1 cytokines.
Therefore, "the market will underproduce information, [and] the political system is likely to overregulate information" (560).
well as arbitration, will underproduce public goods, including not only