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produce below capacity or demand

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Unfortunately, markets tend to underproduce goods and services having positive externalities because there is usually no incentive to do so, since the benefits accrue to others than the purchaser and the purchaser is often not liable for the negative externality.
In addition, payment system integrity and efficiency are public goods goods that markets tend to underproduce even in the absence of identity theft.
Modification to the data causes the software relying on the information to incorrectly adjust boilers and either over- or underproduce steam, resulting in an inefficient process, lack of confidence in the design capacity during critical loads, and any competitive edge that the control software was supposed to provide.
Producers, if left to their own devices, underproduce and overdemand.
We may in a short period of time underproduce, but on a year-in, year-out basis, we are very consistent.
Shyr-Te Ju, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, has approached the question of apoptosis by developing transgenic mice that underproduce IL-2 (one of the most important activating factors in the immune response) and fas (a protein necessary for apoptosis).
These costs differ from those generated by fixed-payment contracts and include losses due to the incentive to underproduce the resource, losses due to speculation, and higher negotiation and enforcement costs.
Indeed, mice that overproduce growth hormone die sooner than normal mice, and fruit flies that underproduce growth hormone live longer than normal flies.
One case occurs when externalities induce a government to underproduce a service, unless a compensatory mechanism exists by which the government can internalize the benefits that spill over into other jurisdictions.
Given this externality, in the global-optimum solution, it is desirable to underproduce in each state such that the marginal after-tax profit in each state of an additional unit exactly equals the externality imposed on the other state.
But if you underestimate customer demand and underproduce, then you are going to lose many potential customers.
38) They can 1) mimic a natural hormone and thus fool the body into responding a certain way, 2) interfere with the reception of hormones by hormone receptors, 3) directly alter a hormone and impede its function, 4) cause the body to overproduce or underproduce natural hormones, or 5) decrease or increase the number of hormone receptors.
The research says that when brown trout are in naturally acidic water, they overproduce; in alkaline water, they underproduce, in true survival of the species Darwin mode.
I see this functioning in a similar manner to pollution permit trading programmes, whereby a given area is allocated a certain number of pollution points and companies that underproduce pollution (in much the same way that the government of the day occasionally underappoints senators) can sell credits to companies that overproduce pollution.
They don't care that a boss could retaliate by giving a bad reference later, and they will quit--or underproduce just enough to make the point without getting fired--if they're not happy with the leadership provided.