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Synonyms for underpin

Synonyms for underpin

support from beneath

support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm

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Underpining these production changes is a new contract designed to ensure that any economies made do not simply increase franchisee profits, but are also used to develop the market for Coca-Cola brands still further thereby reinforcing the products' `Acceptability, Affordability and Availability' (known as the three As).
93) To many, however, the one factor versus rigid quota distinction has no satisfactory theoretical underpining.
Implications: Outdoor education, nature study, and outdoor living skills have long been the underpining of organized camping.
Such knowledge, he says, provides the underpining for the field of herbal medicine as we know it today.
Moody's cautioned, however, that the ruling "does place more pressure on airport management with regard to the expansion plans, and managment's role in the implementation of the airport's ambitious capital program becomes an even more critical factor underpining the airport's credit strength.