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Synonyms for underpin

Synonyms for underpin

support from beneath

support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm

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House prices rose during August as a lack of supply continued to underpin the property market, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
The new Zeta/Sigma platform will underpin six models on three different wheel bases.
Following yesterday's meeting, Hacked Off director Brian Cathcart said Mr Letwin and Mrs Miller had told him they plan two new pieces of legislation - one to underpin the verifying body and the second to put in place incentives for the press to join the self-regulation body.
Likewise, other measures that would underpin improved public debt dynamics and growth prospects include reforms to social security, sales taxes, the labor market, trade policy, the central bank and the banking sector; yet it will prove challenging for President Lula, reelected to a second four-year term in October, to pass these measures in Brazil's fractious congress.
The strong management and a rising net asset value underpin a buy recommendation.
These projects will underpin existing jobs in agriculture and related industries, as well as helping to create new on-farm positions through boosting farm production.
Lion Dairy and Drinks is to spend $40 million in the next three years on upgrades at its Perth plant to underpin its dairy growth plans in Western Australia.
The Science and Innovation Strategy builds on the great strengths of British science and enterprise, and sets out the Government s priorities for investment and support into the next decade, as well as the key principles that will underpin science and innovation policy during the years ahead.
Cooperation is also a key milestone in the evolution of sociality: cooperative interactions among related individuals underpin the evolution of altruism and division of labour, two traits that have reached their highest expression in insect societies.
Tenders are invited for CR/2012/16 - Development of the capabilities required to underpin an aerial
In addition, PMI Australia provides credit enhancement for residential mortgage-backed securitizations (RMBS), which underpin much of the mortgage lending from the non-bank sector.
Tenders are invited for consultancy service to review the Department s operating culture and values, to articulate agreed culture and values and provide an approach to ensure the agreed culture and values underpin all aspects of the Department s Work
The Netting Law statutorily underpins close-out netting in the DIFC and enables DIFC firms to benefit from this important risk mitigating technique.
Researchers at the Warwick Manufacturing Group's Cyber Security Centre will be working on everyday technologies and tools to ensure that the software that underpins them is more trustworthy.
It underpins about 35% of our plant production capability from 2009 onwards which is a great foundation for the business.