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Synonyms for underpin

Synonyms for underpin

support from beneath

support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm

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This should underpin the recovery in non-oil government-driven projects, especially in infrastructure development for the remainder of this year," the report said.
Go Penguins, commissioned by Liverpool city council, is part of A Winter's Trail which will see several major cultural organisations staging their own penguin related events to underpin Liverpool's Christmas celebrations.
Halifax said that low interest rates and unemployment levels continued to underpin a strong housing market.
In this amazingly comprehensive text, Rodgers examines the natural processes that underpin our sexuality and unearths the roots of people's sexual nature and primal urges.
It continues to underpin many programs concerned with primary-secondary transfer, ranging from individual and school cluster initiatives to wider research programs (cf.
Likewise, other measures that would underpin improved public debt dynamics and growth prospects include reforms to social security, sales taxes, the labor market, trade policy, the central bank and the banking sector; yet it will prove challenging for President Lula, reelected to a second four-year term in October, to pass these measures in Brazil's fractious congress.
The Science and Innovation Strategy builds on the great strengths of British science and enterprise, and sets out the Government s priorities for investment and support into the next decade, as well as the key principles that will underpin science and innovation policy during the years ahead.
Prime Minister David Cameron has set his face against using statute to underpin regulation, arguing that it would "cross the Rubicon" after centuries of press freedom.
The model will be underpinned by the automaker's larger MLB platform, which will also be used to underpin the next-genereation Bentley Continental cars and the Porsche Panamera.
Summary: House prices rose during August as a lack of supply continued to underpin the property market.
In order to safeguard the wall, a specialist sub-contractor - Advanced - was engaged to underpin it prior to excavation.
Cooperation is also a key milestone in the evolution of sociality: cooperative interactions among related individuals underpin the evolution of altruism and division of labour, two traits that have reached their highest expression in insect societies.
Following a meeting with the Culture Secretary and Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin yesterday morning, campaign group Hacked Off said that they understood she was planning two pieces of legislation to underpin a new "verifying body" established under Royal Charter to monitor the operation of a new press watchdog.
The new platform will also underpin several other models following the car's launch.
The strong management and a rising net asset value underpin a buy recommendation.