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not having enough food to develop or function normally

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UN makes urgent call for renewed optimism on fight against undernourishment, which increased last year due to the effects of conflicts and climate change on the continent.
The prevalence of undernourishment remained almost unchanged in Central Asia:
The report indicates that during the first decade of the millinium, sub-Saharan Africa made sound progress in the fight against hunger with the prevalence of undernourishment falling from 29.
The cause of the undernourishment remains uncertain.
Both undernourishment and overweight represent a serious burden for the health of those families, that eventually translates into losses in productivity, and in pressure on the health and education systems in the country where they live.
The writer thinks maternal undernourishment is linked with gender bias regarding women, while the price of such gender-based discrimination is heavily paid by men in the long run.
GHI scores are calculated on a 100-point scale on the basis of undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting and child mortality rates in a particular country.
The report further showed that the rate of undernourishment in sub-Saharan Africa would decline an estimated 23 to 19 percent as a result of rapid population growth.
Milk for Change, the campaign that is a partnership of Tetra Pak South Africa and FEED SA to fight undernourishment among South Africas larger communities, has successfully collected nearly60 000l of long life milk.
9% of the global population suffering from undernourishment.
A newborn and five-month-old baby girl Hasto Bhel died owing to undernourishment in Mithis Civil Hospital.
The NDDB chairman noted that undernourishment remains a major concern in India, earning the country the embarrassing distinction of launching a successful Mars mission but failing to alleviate undernourishment concerns.
The incidence of undernourishment should fall from 17 percent of the population of developing countries at present to 11 percent in 2015 and just 6 percent in 2030.
Given by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, the award recognizes that Fiji has reduced the prevalence of undernourishment from 6.
Sub-Saharan Africa may carry most of the emaciated people due to undernourishment, but the industrialized world has to carry the brunt of obesity and overweight.