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a deliberate and underhanded effort to defeat or do harm to an endeavor

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The effects of organizational life of the negative aspects of close relationships between social interaction and personal details have been mentioned, including social undermining special attention
What Jeremy Hunt is doing by calling this in also undermining the business acumen of the consultants that Government has employed to undertake the detailed impact assessment.
During a reception organized in his honor by the Lebanese Consulate in Michigan, Rai addressed Lebanese politicians, saying: "Beware of undermining Lebanon for you don't have the right to compromise its sanctity, honor and dignity.
We've always said how strong the squad is and maybe it's an opportunity for us to give the people in that squad the gratitude they deserve by giving them an opportunity to start the game but that's not to say we're undermining or being disrespectful in any way.
AaAaAa Ould Errachid told the press at the end of his meeting with Mexico's Foreign minister Patricia Espinosa that these attempts "are made by some parties that aim at undermining Morocco's achievements in the political and the diplomatic realms".
When a former trainee succeeds in attaining a CEO position we should be celebrating their success and not undermining their reputation.
The Chelsea assistant boss (above) has enraged journalists after ringing Arsene Wenger to claim he had been misquoted and hadn't criticised Arsenal for undermining the Carling Cup.
Undermining Nurse: That was great information from Dr.
A TEACHERS' leader last night accused the Government of undermining the image of the profession as part of its drive to make state education 'world class'.
However, let us not overlook the areas where US policy and action is undermining NZ interests.
During collective bargaining, where the passing is done with the intention of undermining the collective bargaining or having the effect of undermining the collective; or
In fact, I see the money factor as compromising and undermining the role of both the PR practitioner and the journalist.
Second, the Commission risks undermining its influence by linking its justified concerns over government interference with the call on member states to shift more competencies to Brussels.
The group complains that the government is potentially undermining the trust between U.
The true allegiances and agenda of the ACLU, which has been undermining America for 90 years, should be obvious by now.