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  • verb

Synonyms for undermine

Synonyms for undermine

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

to damage, destroy, or defeat by sabotage

Synonyms for undermine

destroy property or hinder normal operations

hollow out as if making a cave or opening


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It undermines the professional people - the doctors, the nurses, the consultants - who now all want to move on.
In the long run, I believe this practice of paying for media coverage can severely undermine the legitimacy of PR.
The school transfer policy for students in poor-performing schools undermines ongoing reform programs.
This undermines the protection in the Constitution's Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures.
The first salvo was fired by Stephen Baskerville, a political science professor at Howard University, in a May column for National Review Online that decried "government as family therapy "The government, Baskerville wrote, actively undermines marriage by allowing no-fault divorce and pursuing "one of the most dishonest and destructive policies ever foisted on the public: child-support enforcement.
The United States has reasserted policies of nuclear weapons use that undermine the negative security assurances promised to non-nuclear weapon state parties to the NPT in 1978 and again at the 1995 NFT Review and Extension Conference.
The plaintiffs allege that some of the world's most visible multinationals indirectly caused injury when products or services they sold to the South African government were used to undermine human rights during the apartheid era.
Trudeau alone decided that Canada should have the perfect mismatch of an American-like constitution without its built-in safeguards, joined to Parliament which it directly undermines.
A Discovery Institute press release maintained that teaching evolution undermines the culture and undercuts "the classic understanding of human dignity.
The letter observes that among the perverse effects of retroactive legislation is that it undermines the Appeals function of Revenue Canada by encouraging taxpayers to "seek protection from retroactivity that the courthouse provides" for open tax years.
These protections cannot be reinstated by either a court that actively undermines them or one that is inactive.
This process undermines streamside trees, washing soil away from roots until trees tilt and eventually fall over, crisscrossing the streambed with dams and diversions.
We also believe that the SEC proposal undermines the relevancy of financial statements prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles by implying that users do not need the information in financial statements," the letter said.
Humor that wounds and undermines, whether with jokes or sarcasm, can be curbed if management is willing to take a stand on the results rather than the process.