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the lower lip

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We'll get 'em down if f you say so," Cloke answered, with a thrust of the underlip they both knew.
He resumed that attitude of his, with his underlip pinched between his forefingers.
The judge focused on similarity in "overall appearance," noting that each Santa had "a pear shaped head, a red underlip emphasized, an upcurving mustache, a skin tone bubble nose, rounded boots, [and] a similarly shaded green basin.
The astuteness with which Nabokov discusses Gogol's fascination with the organ and even (in a concession to the Freudian-minded readers) Gogol's association of the nose with masculinity (another linkage with Tristram Shandy, where a nose is never just a nose) should not obfuscate the fact that Nabokov displays an equal fascination with Gogol's own olfactory organ: "His big sharp nose was of such length and mobility that in the days of his youth he had been able (being something of an amateur contortionist), to bring its tip and his underlip in ghoulish contact; this nose was his keenest and most essential outer part.
All they have to do is stick out their stomach and their underlip and you're dead.
Jack Oates's "more monstrous attributes included a huge underlip, a small beard, which sometimes got stuck in his mouth along with his drink owing to his pointed chin, a 'swarty' neck, and a big belly.
Judt approvingly described Attlee as "modest in demeanor and wealth," as well as "morally serious and a trifle austere'--a public servant rather than a slick media manipulator or underlip biter.
Van Der Pij1 (1982) used the Nordhagen (1936) description and illustrations in his book on fruit and seed dispersal but termed the underlip a kettle.
The relationship between the two developed until by 1902 Pinker, the "rosy, round-faced clean-shaven grey-haired sphinx with a protrusive underlip," had almost full control of Conrad's literary negotiations (Hepburn, Letters 27).
But as Simon put his underlip forward and puffed out his cheeks she added hastily, "He can never never take a tease, he doesn't know the Mommy is doing a tease, doesn't he know the Mommy would put the jokes away for him, the Mommy wouldn't touch them and the Mommy would save them .
This creature with the weak hanging underlip, the man who was to win success for her
she wiggled, and squirmed, and threw her head back, and her teeth rested on her glistening underlip as she half-turned away, and my moaning mouth, gentlemen of the jury, almost reached her bare neck, while I crushed out against her left buttock the last throb of the longest ecstasy man or monster had ever known.
Gordon Harker drooped his truculent underlip at us from a cupboard top.