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be or form the base for

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lie underneath

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Hot dry rocks energy can be gained from Young-Palaeozoic low-metamorphosed clastic rocks and Old-Palaeozoic crystalline complexes of Neogene sedimentary filling underlier.
Temperatures on pre-Neogene underlier surface fluctuate in a very wide span, depending on depth of burial, from 25[degrees]C in marginal parts up to more than 325[degrees]C in central parts of the basin.
default swap, the underlier of the financial product is the credit risk
The underlier furthermore is assumed to have a positive expected return.
The simulation with normally distributed returns and constant volatility in the underlier produces returns consistent with the theoretical derivation of expected option returns in Coval and Shumway (2001).
The potential impact of skewness in the returns of the underlier on option returns has been noted in Ni (2009).
Reference Entity Exposure Reports - buy/sell positions aggregated by underlier and counterparty
Currency Aggregate Open Position Report, by underlier
The order will be temporarily paused if the price moves outside the upper and lower bounds set on the underlier, keeping the delta relevant.
83 The underlier for all prices is Nymex Henry Hub Crude Oil 2-Way Collars 3-Way Collars Sold Purchased United Volume Floor Ceiling Volume Floor Floor Ceiling States Bbl/day $/Bbl $/Bbl Bbl/day $/Bbl $/Bbl $/Bbl Total Year 2006 822 $22.