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The intrigues, improprieties and illegalities would be difficult to measure precisely, particularly because an election that was unpopular was often portrayed as the result of underhandedness.
The whole sorry episode smacks of underhandedness by people out of touch and with an "I'm all right Jack" attitude.
Thouless considers different ways of using language, words and facts, definitions and their difficulties, rhetorical underhandedness, prejudice, pitfalls of analogy, oratory and suggestion.
The movie depicts the underhandedness of business -- hiding of losses, manipulating evidence and the mind games that people play to make everything happen.
Israeli politics is particularly known for its underhandedness, and parties vying for power understand that focusing their attack on Netanyahu is the only way to reinforce their candidate's chances in the upcoming elections.
2) On the other hand, those who find the Duke's methods suspect for their secrecy and underhandedness see Angelo less as a personal moral Puritan than a sort of modern tyrant, ruthless in his desire for total power and control over his subjects.
Internationally, the CCP's underhandedness and further movement away from previous liberalizing reforms through the championing of huge SOEs are affecting the perceptions and bottom lines of foreign firms.
Google's latest product in the social side of things has been the addition of its +1 button, and this is apparently one of the catalysts for Facebook's underhandedness.
A blissfully nave Audrey doesn't believe he's capable of such underhandedness but soon fears she'll lose a fortune as a huge cash transfer is about to leave her bank for his.
Violetta was not about to reject Don Viejo's plans even though they were drenched in plotting, underhandedness, and did not follow the natural state of things.
There was no perception of underhandedness in the outcome, as the spoof game had taken place on the run to the three-furlong marker in full view of the TV cameras.
Conflict situations are typically difficult, especially when sharply opposing views exist where at least one party practices unethical, self-serving, and political underhandedness.