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Synonyms for underhand

Synonyms for underhand

Synonyms for underhand

with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level

marked by deception

Related Words

slyly and secretly

with the hand swung below shoulder level


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Their success, and the evolution of the game into a more offensive "serve-and-shoot" game in the decades that followed, took the underhand out of vogue.
He said on Twitter: "I don't wish to be associated with a party condoning indiscipline, pettiness, underhand deals for power.
As accusations of police corruption and underhand dealings begin to surface, Gerry has to face up to some skeletons in his own closet.
The deltoid plays a part in a wide range of movements such as rotating the arm, reaching forward or throwing a ball underhand.
Contract notice: SupSupply of autoclaves, washer underhand hoof room, washer disinfectors power, ultrasonic cleaning, heat sealer for envelopes, traceability system including hardware etc.
His underhand entrapment of innocent people was dubious at best and, at worst, illegal.
Underhand rows will banish bingo wings and side rows will melt that muffin top, while rowing in general helps strengthen the stomach and tighten up those bum muscles.
But this is hardly surprising because - in his biased little world - Thatcher can do no wrong despite the recent revelations of the lies and underhand tactics used to defeat the miners in 1984-85.
The First Minister said: "This report from Russia raises serious questions about the UK Government's underhand tactics.
Horner described as wrong that another team, had in an underhand way, consciously tested tyres that are designed for this year's championship despite the testing rules being very clear, adding that it is a contravention of not only the Monaco race, but of the overall championship.
Meanwhile, meticulous judge Roban has cause for concern when he receives information suggesting that Garnier may be using underhand tactics in a bid to smear him, and Karlsson comes under pressure to provide information about the activities of Thomas Riffaut.
Summary: The underhand tactics of two bosses at an Insurance company in the Capital has seen them land a jail term as well as a hefty fine of Dh10,540,880 each -- the total amount they tried to bribe an employee with.
A recent survey claims that British workers are so fixated with taking the holiday that they want to take, when they want to take it, that they will go to almost any lengths, even employing devious or underhand tactics, to secure a specific timeslot.
Today, however, techniques such as underhand cut-and-fill mining, in which cemented mill tailings are used to backfill the mined-out stope, allowing subsequent stopes to be cut beneath previously mined areas, have established themselves as a viable alternatives for working in such conditions.
But lawmaker Wagma Safi said the interior and finance ministers' answers did not satisfy them and that some the house let them off as a result of bribes and underhand deals.