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a university student who has not yet received a first degree

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The survey shows that annual fees for home and EU students on undergraduate courses in England and Wales for 2015-16 range from PS5,665 at Coventry University to a ceiling of PS9,000 at all institutions, except for the private University of Buckingham which charges PS12,444 for each year of its two-year undergraduate courses.
Carla Alvarez Valverde Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University Graduate Institution: Institute d'Etudes Politique de Paris
As the associate dean for Student and Academic Affairs in the College of Natural Science, he provided administrative oversight for issues relevant to both undergraduate and graduate recruitment and retention in science and mathematics.
Dr Farhad Rad Serecht, director of IMT Dubai said: "We believe there is a market for a rigorous undergraduate programme with a different academic positioning than the regular BBAs currently on offer at other universities.
Many researchers (Adderly-Kelly, 2003; Elgrin & Hensel, 2006; Ervin & Cowell, 2004; Fawcett, Aber, & Weiss, 2003; Malachowski, 2003; Russell, 2006) have written about the benefits for students of participating in some dimension of research during their undergraduate years.
which recommended that all undergraduate students should have access to education in public health.
To promote self-regulation of behavior and context, undergraduate students were provided with a letter of introduction to help find a fieldwork site.
HIGHER education minister Bill Rammell visited Warwick University this week to praise undergraduates who take on research projects.
A nine-week summer program for undergraduate juniors and senior engineering majors will offer the opportunity to perform research guided by faculty and industry mentors and gain experience in a working metalcasting facility and a national lab (ORNL).
That, at undergraduate level, students in British universities can specialise to a far greater extent in history than their United States counterparts, plainly gives greater opportunity for their programmes of study to contain appreciable amounts of social history.
A $1,000 scholarship is available for an undergraduate student who is a member of ASABE; is a declared major in a biological or agricultural engineering program accredited by ABET or CEAB in the United States or Canada; has completed at least one year of undergraduate study; has at least one year of undergraduate study remaining from the time of application; has a grade point average of at least 2.
The GRO Undergraduate Fellowship program, like its predecessor (the Minority Academic Institution or MAI program), is intended to strengthen the environmental research capacity of institutions of higher education that receive limited funding to build such capacity, including in particular institutions with substantial minority enrollment.
Through the award of a Fulbright Grant, the lectures were presented to undergraduate students at Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey in the Department of American Studies.
Students have a stronger appreciation that a more sophisticated understanding of financial statements is important," says Scott Richardson, a professor of accounting in Wharton's undergraduate program.
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