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thick soft fur lying beneath the longer and coarser guard hair


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When Rekdal returns to the zoo at the end of the poem, it is only in her imagination: the animals have all escaped, including an enormous tiger ("its stripes, / against the dark gold hide and white underfur, // like black icicles") that ends up in a Lisbon suburb, where it gazes through a window at a couple at home, who gaze back at it, "eye // to eye, animals to animal, / struck dumb not by fear of each other / so much as the unlikeliness of it all.
Mammals adapted for aquatic life in the Pantanal, with webbed feet, a dense underfur, short legs, a long body and long tail, are two carnivore species belonging to the family Mustelidae, the giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis and the freshwater otter Lontra longicaudis.
It has a greyish coat, of which almost 90% is dense underfur.
It's this insulating underfur that enables a beaver to withstand subzero temperatures and ice-cold water.
They have a very soft underfur which is protected by their outer layer of longer hair which then traps a layer of air to keep them warm and dry underwater.
Follicles from four underfur hairs contain about the same amount of DNA as one guard hair and were included in Category classification assignments.
A thick layer of blubber beneath the skin gives added insulation, while coarse fur and dense underfur provide waterproofing via a chemical secreted in the skin glands.
The well-preserved remains of Castorocauda show that its body was covered with a thick underfur and an outer coat of longer, stiffer guard hairs--the earliest fossilized fur found to date.