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the internal supporting structure that gives an artifact its shape

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Unlike any ordinary tramcar its underframes had no drop platforms, the floor was the same height from end to end, considerably higher than the platforms of other cars.
Icf/Elec/132, Cs 01 And 02, Without Installation For Underframe Area Of Mrvc Phase Ii, D Trailer Coach With Bombardier Electrics.
Its richly decorated interior is based on papier mache panels fixed to a wooden underframe in turn attached to the cast-iron skeleton.
Contract Awarded for Automatic spot welder for underframe side beam (1 set)
The manufacturer has developed a test bench at the site that can accommodate complete bogies, including underframe, suspensions, transmission and engines.
Contract Awarded for Automatic spot welding machine for underframe corrugated board (1set)
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Electrical Cable Trays And Its Associated Accessories Including Hardwares For Roof, Cab, Ht Compartment And Underframe Area Of Mrvc Bt Motor Coaches To Icf/Elec/129 Rev.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Brackets For Underframe Wiring Consisting Of The Following.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Brackets For 60/9 Kva Transformer Mounting On Underframe For Lhb Eog Coaches Consisting Of The Following 1 Lwscwaceog 71003 Alt A Col I - 2 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Epoxy Based Elastified Top Coat 2 Components Shade Ral-7012 For Painting Of Underframe And Interior Of Coachesas Per Mdts-094 Revision 1 With Amendment Slip No.
Tenders are invited for Kit For Underframe Asm Wdg4d Dlw/Des/Misc-176 Specification For Cleaning,Marking And Packing , Misc-439 Drg.
01 Ii Bearing Bracket Shall Be Supplied By Icf At Free Of Cost Iii The Underframe End Part Should Be Supplied With Normalside Up And Side Bearer Side Down.
has rectified 12 Chinese locomotives, which had developed cracks in its underframes.
Bombardier has a strong production capability at its Derby site, welding underframes, cutting and shaping steel sections, and producing wiring looms and cabinets for carriages.