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I BOUGHT carpet and underfelt but, when the old carpet was lifted, I found the old felt in good condition.
Mr Barmby believes the thieves climbed on to a fence and jumped on to the garage roof, ripping off tiles and underfelt, before jumping in through the hole.
When the brand new houses went up, before the families claimed them, us kids stared through the uncurtained windows at the naked rooms, at the rolls of underfelt, and kitchens with handleless cupboards.
Laminated boards are laid over an underfelt which provides a softer tread.
ask your local carpet shop for scraps of underfelt.
Box 203 Alexandria, NSW 2015 Australia Telephone: 61-2-667-2505 Fax: 61-2-3173536 Sales Manager: David Austin Production Manager: Wim Jongeneelen Location Of Plant: Alexandria-Minto Manufacturing Processes: Needlepunch Jute Felt Underlay, Needlepunch Cotton Wadding, Highloft Polyester Wadding and Polyester Filter Media Fibers: Polyester, Jute, Animal Hair Thickness: 5-50 mm Weights: 100-2000 gpsm Widths: 0-4 m Brand Names: Smoothread Underfelt and Vilair Filters