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not getting adequate food

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In the last few days she has gained weight, so I am concerned she may have been underfed or starved prior to being found.
Eye was shellshocked--in a heartening way--by the cracking tale of a Colorado student, a 3D printing store, and an underfed teenage leopard tortoise called Cleopatra, which demonstrates the previously unforeseen power of the much-hyped manufacturing technology to repair reptiles.
There are at least seven gaunt underfed children at Taluka Diplo hospital, 15 in Chachro hospital, nine in Nangar Parkar hospital and at least 11 children are receiving healthcare in Islampura hospital.
NNA - The number of hungry people in the world has dropped by 100 million over the last 10 years but one in nine are still undernourished, with Asia home to the majority of the underfed, the U.
OUR ZOO BBC1 9pm Plucky George (Lee Ingleby, above right) adds two underfed and rather bad-tempered bears to the zoo, captured with Billy's help.
AN RTI query has indicated that four sniffer dogs were underfed and malnourished in spite of the Customs department at Amritsar in Punjab earning revenue worth several crores of rupees in the last fiscal.
I brought two egg-and-bagel sandwiches to work and offered [them] to young Ryan who looked underfed and unhealthy").
I straighten up before she notices the knobbled earth underneath our feet where, under the criss-cross of cabbage stalks, metal rods protrude here and there like the ribs of an underfed child.
There was never any question of cruelty or that the animals were mistreated or underfed.
There are 870 million around the world who are underfed and malnourished today.
Since 1990, the number of underfed people has fallen by 130 million.
As a result our animals by large remained underfed therefore were never able to show their God given potential due to erratic feed supply which was never enough to feed them properly and remained bigger cause of keeping the animals underfed.
We lived on a tan plot of weeds in an underfed house that shook in the wind like a mustang, the car Mom drove away mornings to the job ending late.
Mammals struggled in the wet conditions, with bats particularly hard hit and underfed hedgehogs are now flooding into rescue centres, possibly because they did not have the opportunity to feed sufficiently in the wet conditions or used up too much energy keeping warm.
The court heard Pierce, who had become ill, had not cared properly for a herd of cows who were underfed and regularly escaped from the farm, which was described as chaotic.