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the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time

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inadequate publicity

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Frequency and percentage were computed for categorical variables like overexposure, underexposure, fault in positioning, artifacts and patient movement.
Steinberg P E, 2008, "It's so easy being green: overuse, underexposure, and the marine environmentalist consensus" Geography Compass 2 2080-2096
So a larger gradient weight can keep the detail information to the fusion image well; On the contrary, the gradient value of the underexposure or overexposure areas is smaller, so the weight is smaller too.
2010), which expresses concern that students are not pursuing technological and engineering fields because of underexposure to and lack of interest in the material as children (p.
It landed on YouTube in April 2011, backed with an enigmatic lack of information about the band, tapping into the current movement of internet underexposure.
Various alternative item selection rules have been proposed to remedy this situation, some dealing with underexposure, others focused on overexposure (see Georgiadou, Triantafillou, & Economides, 2007, for a review).
There can be serious consequences from underexposure, too.
Black people suffer from their underexposure to dominant values 3.
While developed market equities were the byword for growth in the pre-crash years, emerging markets such as India and Brazil are the flavour of the month, due to their growing consumer populations and relative underexposure to the debt crises of developed economies such as the US.
Additionally, underexposure to key vitamins such as vitamins A, C and E as well as certain carotenoids and flavonoids can negatively affect overall health.
These are all related to school district policies and include mandated curriculum not in keeping with the teacher's philosophy (or pose); overexposure to alphabet knowledge compared to other literacy components; and underexposure to the children's home and background knowledge, interests, and experiences.
But Tasmania currently suffers from underexposure and unfamiliarity.
If Nose Bleed is flawed, it's in the realm of underexposure and over-inclusion: photos by Dunn, Kern, Krueger, Patterson, Perich, Sneakers, Stone, Wildman, and Zinner could have encompassed a show in themselves.
NEW YORK: One of Iraq's only working filmmakers, Oday Rasheed - whose brilliant film 2005 Underexposure followed a group of characters in Baghdad after the United States-led invasion in 2003, and whose new film Qarantina is now premiering - is in Manhattan.
This result indicates that overexposure is a problem more frequently encountered than underexposure.