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the act of exposing film to too little light or for too short a time

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inadequate publicity

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Accidental over- or underexposures shouldn't affect color rendition.
A large dynamic104 range, unique to Canon's DR systems, compensates for over-and underexposure to the images.
They include: easy recording for overall automatic operation; auto for automatic operation where one or more individual features may be controlled manually; sports for recording high-speed action in bright daylight; portrait for shallow depth of field to emphasize the foreground and minimize the background; spotlight for recording bright lights and minimize overexposure of subjects under strong lighting; sand and snow to minimize subject underexposure against strong backlight; low light to brighten images in environments with insufficient light.
The fund's underexposure in Russian loans -- Although the fund bought some Russian loans in the Spring at higher attractive prices, we were substantially underweighted in the asset class versus JP Morgan's EMBI+ and some other emerging market debt funds.
But coming soon to 4K's aid is a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range), which combines three images: One with normal lighting, one with underexposure and one with overexposure, to give more contrast to an image.
Always remember to slightly underexposure the sunset to create richer colours and, when the sun sets, stop down your lens to a high aperture such as f/22 to create a beautiful starburst effect.
The result is a reduction in overexposure and underexposure enabling you to record beautiful videos with a more dynamic range of contrast between dark and light areas when played back.
So a larger gradient weight can keep the detail information to the fusion image well; On the contrary, the gradient value of the underexposure or overexposure areas is smaller, so the weight is smaller too.
Pensions maintained their underexposure to the sector and accordingly lagged the S&P/TSX Composite Index by 0.
It landed on YouTube in April 2011, backed with an enigmatic lack of information about the band, tapping into the current movement of internet underexposure.
There can be serious consequences from underexposure, too.
Black people suffer from their underexposure to dominant values 3.
A unique raw-image-based histogram completed with over and underexposure warning enables you to properly assess exposure, independently from any JPEG processing settings, such as white balance or contrast, which could otherwise significantly impact and distort the image's histogram.
While developed market equities were the byword for growth in the pre-crash years, emerging markets such as India and Brazil are the flavour of the month, due to their growing consumer populations and relative underexposure to the debt crises of developed economies such as the US.
Top of mind are the expense of bonds, the lack of yield in the marketplace, broad underexposure to equities, worries about outliving income and the prospect of inflation on the not-so-distant horizon.