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Synonyms for underestimation

an estimation that is too low

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Age was likely to have been underestimated in nine of 29 genera and 30 percent of the 53 populations studied," he wrote in the paper, which was titled "Evidence for systematic age underestimation in shark and ray ageing studies.
Thin corneas lead to an underestimation and thick corneas to an overestimation of IOP6.
Finally, for each patient, NEP and PSRP categories were compared and proportions of congruence (NEP = PSRP), underestimation (NEP < PSRP), or overestimation (NEP > PSRP) were calculated.
Although FCE concerns the difference in an estimate about the prevalence of a particular position between those who endorse this position and those who endorse an alternative position, overestimation and underestimation refer to the differences between an individual's estimate of the prevalence of the position that he or she endorses and the percentage of people who actually do endorse that position.
However, there was a significant difference as regards to underestimation of price (p=0.
The cause of the mistakes, made in the Middle East and Ukraine, is actually the overestimation of one's capabilities, as well as underestimation of the opponents' reaction.
This report written in English should include: - Task 1: A clear overview of the available data on MSDs prevalence and incidence at both national and EU level, including the following elements: o Who are the workers exposed (sectors of activity, gender, age, company size, contract types) o Which are the main risk factors o What are the main types of MSDs o Which EU countries have MSDs recognized as occupational diseases o What is known about the underestimation of MSDs leading to injury or disease - Task 2: An analysis of the different methodologies available to assess the direct and indirect costs of MSDs in the EU including the following elements: o Advantages and limitations of each method.
The killing of the Japanese hostage shows another example of ISIL's underestimation of human lives, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in press remarks.
The rapid increase in dependency on food banks among some North East families bears testament to a problem which is a result, it seems to us, of our masters in Westminster's serious underestimation of the consequences of the austerity measures put in place in the past five years.
Dr Jan Eichhorn, author of one of the studies, said: "Fears of under-18s being inappropriately ideologised stem from an underestimation of young people's capabilities.
You have to be a delusional optimist, however, in order to believe that the Iraqi crisis reached the watershed moment following the American military intervention; underestimation of ISIS in current form is no better than the underestimation of Baathists following the hanging of Sadaam Hussain.
Professor Jonathan Tennyson, from UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy and co-author of the study said that the current models of methane were incomplete that lead to a severe underestimation of methane levels on planets.
How long before the consortium demands further millions because of underestimation of costings?
The underestimation is reportedly due to the fact that Japanese radiation monitors failed to take the effects of radioactive iodine into account, Voice of Russia reported.
Of these cases, SIADH was reported in 26 cases, including ours, which represents an estimated prevalence of 2% (although we believe this is actually an underestimation of the true prevalence).