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Synonyms for underestimation

an estimation that is too low

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Underestimation of calorie content increased substantially as the actual meal calorie content increased.
However, contraception was provided at no cost, which made have improved adherence and led to an underestimation of failure rates, counterbalancing this potential bias," the study's authors wrote.
First Great Western also submitted evidence showing there was an underestimation of the rise in demand.
Water accidents are most often caused by the lack of water safety awareness, the underestimation of risks when swimming or bathing, the inability to adequately help a person in danger of drowning and the inability to administer first aid.
He said: "It's a huge amount but I actually think it's an underestimation of the real cost when you consider that this has tied up a number of planning and enforcement officers on virtually a fulltime basis for two years.
Needle size makes a difference when it comes to the issue of underestimation of DCIS or invasive cancer.
For example, notwithstanding the well-known underestimation of services exports, ASEAN's service exports to China and India have been strong, at an average annualized growth rate of 29 per cent and 26 per cent respectively.
What happened in [Cabinet] yesterday is an underestimation of the [intelligence] of the professors," Kfoury told a news conference Thursday.
An estimate of 11% of the overall global burden of disease is thought to be a significant underestimation.
It's no underestimation to say the staff there are miracle workers and we are very proud of them.
The significantly higher top line in 4Q10 (13% above our estimates and 17% above the consensus) was due: (1) mainly to non-core and cargo revenues, which together exceeded our estimates by 42% and were 25% higher QoQ at $298 mln; (2) also to underestimation of the effect euro appreciation had against dollar on Aeroflot's revenues (5% over quarter), as we had assumed a lower share of euro-denominated passenger revenues than the roughly 50% reported by the management at an analyst meeting.
There's a widely held belief around the Capitol that lawmakers balanced a troublesome budget in 2003 with a convenient underestimation of how many people would need to be served.
Summary: CAIRO - A TV advertisement about a quilt that contains the Egyptian flag's colours and called the revolution's quilt has raised the Egyptians' ire as they consider such commercial an underestimation the Egyptian revolution.
That run was worth a RPR in the mid-150s and an official mark of 148 could prove a serious underestimation of a horse for whom connections still harbour Champion Hurdle aspirations.
The bright side is there but the pessimism is fogging our sight, besides the underestimation of our abilities is holding us still.