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Synonyms for underdog

weaker party


Synonyms for underdog

a person living under very unhappy circumstances

Words related to underdog

one at a disadvantage and expected to lose

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When an underdog team beats the favourite to win team, it captures the true essence of the sport", IM Vijayan explains how this edition of the Hero I-league is different from the others, "It showcases how the human being can challenge adversity and still win and come on top.
New England was a three-point favorite over Atlanta a year ago, and they were one-point underdogs when they beat the Seattle Seahawks in 2015.
There are too many people I've spoken with around the credit union industry who really embrace the underdog nature of their world.
The official music video for “Army of the Underdog,” will drop on April 2, 2014.
How many times have we watched in amazement as topflight teams, capable, on paper, of cruising to victory, are enveloped with a complacency immediately sensed by their underdog opponents?
Every competition has underdogs -- the unsung heroes who are forever fighting against superior rivals and are not expected to win.
No matter what happens, they want to be the underdogs and sometimes they talk themselves into being the underdogs," he said.
Summary: Stoke boss Tony Pulis revels in the club's FA Cup underdog tag, but insists Sunday's Chelsea tie will be treated like any other match.
The former plasterer - real name Eddie Edwards - was voted the nation's favourite sporting underdog of all time.
ESTHER RANTZEN is to prove herself a true champion of the underdog by attempting to become a world champion in Brussels sprout eating.
The dictionary definition of underdog is someone at a disadvantage and expected to lose a contest or struggle.
MARK Regan has vowed to thrive on England's underdog status when they defend the Webb Ellis Trophy.
Or, as rhyme-loving Underdog might put it: When screenwriters are in trouble, they know what to do: Kill off a parent, a formula tried and true.
Green says this introspectively, in a way that hints the role of underdog is one that he can relate to.
Moore didn't allow her political underdog status to stop her from throwing her hat into the campaign ring.