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Synonyms for underdog

weaker party


Synonyms for underdog

a person living under very unhappy circumstances

Words related to underdog

one at a disadvantage and expected to lose

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While a world leader might not be considered a true "underdog" underdog positioning is always contextual.
The official music video for “Army of the Underdog,” will drop on April 2, 2014.
Akbari also said that underdogs are not risk averse as not having a safety net makes them take calculated risks as they don't have much to lose.
At the end of the day, they have lost [star man] Cameron Smith, and that seems to be the trigger for them to be the underdogs but they have won the past four series.
We go there as rank underdogs and no-one will give us a chance.
An underdog is not fat and happy with the status quo.
MARK Regan has vowed to thrive on England's underdog status when they defend the Webb Ellis Trophy.
Or, as rhyme-loving Underdog might put it: When screenwriters are in trouble, they know what to do: Kill off a parent, a formula tried and true.
Green says this introspectively, in a way that hints the role of underdog is one that he can relate to.
Moore didn't allow her political underdog status to stop her from throwing her hat into the campaign ring.
where he formed a strong identification with the underdog, says Joshua Boneh, Aarons's partner of 24 years.
Without help for the underdog, campaigns in a frontloaded system will be settled during the money primaries before the voters have any real say.
You keep the opponent in the game and all of a sudden that 15-point underdog become a 10-point underdog and that 10-point underdog a 3-point underdog--and dangerous.
No limos arrived that evening," says Emily, who hopes for an underdog sequel this spring.
Hollywood has made a basket full of underdog movies.