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undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments

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Tenders should be for underclothing that is the tenderers standard models and/or ready to wear.
1,2 Three patients with intertrigo are reported herein that presented with greenish-blue staining of their underclothing, and the culture of the affected skin grew Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
They wear little, if any, underclothing for several reasons, one of which is that it costs money.
5-14 ounce/yard untreated cotton 1 4 Flame resistant (FR) shirts and pants 2 8 Cotton underclothing plus FR shirt and pants 3 25 Cotton underclothing plus FR shirt and pants, plus FR coverall 4 40 Cotton underclothing plus FR shirt and pants, plus multilayer flash suit
In 1898 she wrote: "I am revelling in buying silks and satins, gloves, underclothing, furs and everything that a sober-minded woman of 40 can want to inspire Americans and Colonials with a due respect for the refinements of attractiveness
The Eagle Creek Pack-It System offers different types of tubes and bags to organize everything from jewelry, toiletries, and electrical gadgets to socks, underclothing, sweaters, and suits," says Negron.
On the home front, we endure humiliating airport pat-downs and a gauntlet of scanners and bullying TSA thugs, all on account of some would-be mad bomber who couldn't even ignite the primitive device secreted in his underclothing.
She was taken to surgery and a large quantity of items of underclothing that the dog had eaten was removed," the Sun quoted Jeffreson as saying.
The next year, they brought underclothing to Jeremiah's Inn and Abby's House, and in the years that followed they added the Massachusetts Veterans Shelter and the PIP Shelter, according to Mrs.
The way some of them carry on, you'd think they were trying to suppress some sort of guilty secret, like membership of the British Union of Fascists, or a penchant for wearing women's underclothing.
Stained or bloody underclothing - Frequent complaints of stomachaches or headaches n Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases - Bruises or bleeding in external genitalia - Feeling threatened by physical contact - Premature understanding of sex - Frequent urinary or yeast infections n Signs of emotional injury and speech disorders.
He said that the girl alleged Thorley took her to the toilets, removed her underclothing and watched while she used the toilet.
These included underclothing, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, and a host of others things.
One hundred and twenty years ago, Mark Twain left Huckleberry Finn's father dead in a room crowded with oddities: a wooden leg, women's underclothing, two black cloth masks, and more.