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Antonyms for undercharge

a price that is too low

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an insufficient charge

charge (someone) too little money

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Those overcharged are to be refunded, while the 250 who were undercharged will not have to pay any money back.
But trouble began when parents Leanne Martin and Pete Welch were hit with the PS1,000 fees demand from the nursery, after it had mistakenly undercharged for his care.
For these tests, the system was undercharged by 50%, and four other faults were applied to the system, all at maximum fault levels defined by the single-fault tests.
However, although being undercharged didn't upset our shopper, he noted that the Jaffa Cakes were not scanned and did not appear on the receipt.
The FPB member said: "Despite our concerns that we were being undercharged, we were reassured that everything was under control and that our account was okay, only to find that the energy company's readings were not being processed correctly by their computer.
Of 1,080 test buys 123 were undercharged and 15 charged too much.
In police interviews, he said he had just "tried his luck" after being undercharged by the store the first time.
FOR years, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has undercharged its contract cities for service, putting the financial burden unfairly on residents of unincorporated Los Angeles County.
In the remaining 9,449 cases, the company undercharged by a total of some 18 million yen, the officials said, adding it will not ask the subscribers to pay the difference.
Billed as "a real telenovela," the drama is too often undercharged and inert, and the stiffly uncomfortable actors fail to provide much heat.
The survey revealed that consumers were undercharged more than they were overcharged.
In PFMA's latest round of inspections, the average amount undercharged was 39 cents; the average amount overcharged was 30 cents.
If the resulting unpaid balance is higher, the borrower was undercharged.
In a sampling of 45 manually calculated returns, the IRS "improperly and inconsistently" overcharged or undercharged the interest owed in 16--more than one in three.
The Negotiated Rates Act of 1993 (NRA) will provide some relief for shippers or receivers who used undercharged rates.