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the soft belly or underside of an animal's body

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But buyers can enjoy a titanium finish for the 21-inch wheels plus a sport styling package including body-coloured wheel arch extensions, enlarged front air intakes with high gloss slats, lower bumper spoilers, stainless steel underbody protection and dual oval exhaust tailpipes.
Tesla Motors, a United States-based automaker, is planning to add a triple underbody shield to the Model S.
A thermoplastic composite from Quadrant Plastic Composites is being used for the underbody shielding of the latest BMW Z4 sports car.
I've heard that the underbody NMC criteria for M1151A1, M1152A1 and M1165A1 HMMWVs has changed.
With clear and profusely illustrated step-by-step instructions, model railroaders will learn how to add break and underbody details to their freight cars, upgrade couplers and trucks, weathering and painting their freight cars, use accurate decals for placards and markings, replace running boards and body details, and even make realistic freight loads.
Instead of heavy transmissions, drivelines and axles, Gryphin uses electrical motors inside each wheel, allowing much higher underbody ground clearance and a super quiet machine.
Once unchallenged in non-cosmetic automotive under-hood and underbody parts, GMT has lost ground over the past decade to a variety of less costly "direct" long-fiber compounding-and-molding processes.
Luahiwa and classmates Stephen Lopez, Tim Gaines, Jerry Shatzer and James Dillard spent the two-day period closing access panels and fabricating a new panel to cover the airplane's stripped underbody.
A platform is the steel underbody on which the engine, seats and upper automobile body are installed.
The plant produces suspension and other underbody components for automobiles.
The University of Wisconsin-Madison team converted their Chevy Suburban SUV into a diesel-electric hybrid, which used a lightweight, yet high-strength, aluminum underbody frame (and other aluminum components) to offset the added weight from the hybrid technology.
The effectiveness of a number of commercially available fire suppressants as well as several emerging suppressant types were investigated in both underbody and engine compartment fire scenarios.
Automotive analysts estimate that OEM aluminum suspension and related underbody components could become a multi-billion dollar industry in a few years," said a company spokesman.
This part, a technical and commercial success since 1983, is not only subject to the car underbody environment externally (road dirt, salt, grit etc.
The Integrated Smart V(TM) (ISV(TM)) solution from BAE Systems incorporates more than 60 years of survivability expertise into an affordable, lightweight monocoque V-hull package to significantly boost underbody blast protection in vehicles like the HMMWV.