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the soft belly or underside of an animal's body

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Cooling pack sealing was modified in several ways, the upper sealing was controlled by removing the beauty cover (see Figure 3) and the lower sealing was controlled by the underbody engine shield.
The aerodynamic drag of commercial vehicles is frequently broken down into four sources, the cab, the gap between the cab and the trailer (the cab gap), the rear, and the underbody.
A Study on the Impact Resistance of Plastic Underbody Parts," SAE Int.
New extended underbody covers, wider front spoiler lips and an integrated rear deck lid spoiler contribute to what the company calls the Insignia's slippery shape.
The base platform will have five essential components: Engine bay, cockpit, front underbody, rear underbody and electrical/electronic architecture that can be assembled to produce different models such as hatchback and sedans.
Straight steel arms are used in place of aluminum, each with lightening holes stamped in, and aero covers on the lower links reduce underbody drag.
Permax 805 emulsion is recommended for a variety of coatings in OEM and industrial metal applications, such as maintenance primers, underhood and underbody coatings, rust converting products and barrier coatings.
A sports-styling package is also being introduced for all versions of the Panamera in October and will include 20-inch alloys as well as a body-coloured nose with wider black air intake grilles and separate side skirts in addition to the standard, body-coloured rear underbody apron with diffuser and fins.
A thermoplastic composite from Quadrant Plastic Composites is being used for the underbody shielding of the latest BMW Z4 sports car.
WORCESTER company Excel Automation has designed and installed a 70m-long vehicle handling system to transport 30 Ford Transits an hour through an underbody treatment plant built by George Koch for Ford's plant in Southampton.
I've heard that the underbody NMC criteria for M1151A1, M1152A1 and M1165A1 HMMWVs has changed.
EISENMANN has delivered the complete plant engineering and technology for seam sealing, underbody sealing and cavity conservation to BMW in Leipzig.
With clear and profusely illustrated step-by-step instructions, model railroaders will learn how to add break and underbody details to their freight cars, upgrade couplers and trucks, weathering and painting their freight cars, use accurate decals for placards and markings, replace running boards and body details, and even make realistic freight loads.
Instead of heavy transmissions, drivelines and axles, Gryphin uses electrical motors inside each wheel, allowing much higher underbody ground clearance and a super quiet machine.
Once unchallenged in non-cosmetic automotive under-hood and underbody parts, GMT has lost ground over the past decade to a variety of less costly "direct" long-fiber compounding-and-molding processes.