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bid (a hand of cards) at less than the strength of the hand warrants

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bid lower than a competing bidder

bid too low

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Contract notice: Notice second competition underbid for service operational routes with procurement or procurement public services lasting until 31/10/2015.
It underbid the capital markets in southern Europe with its refinancing credit and set policy parameters that prompted the German banks to repay the refinancing credit that they themselves had drawn from the Bundesbank, and even to start to lend their excess cash to the Bundesbank.
The worry, of course, is that people will underbid, hoping that they can get away with some consumer surplus.
Prior to bidding the project, Carstensen Contracting searched for a screener crusher bucket that would work in the rocky terrain and allow them to reuse the material on site, thus allowing them to underbid other contractors who would have had to haul in bedding material.
over allegations that the company fraudulently underbid a U.
I underbid his [57,000gns] Acclamation half-sister at the October Yearling Sale and she was a fine filly.
He assumed that using the existing infrastructure enabled the company to underbid him.
In the old city's Khan al-Tujjar, where centuries ago expensive clothes brought from Damascus and Cairo were sold, merchants nowadays underbid each other with low-quality products made in China.
Analysts were caught off guard by the contract, given predictions that EADS would aggressively underbid Boeing.
Having underbid Edison's/General Electric's offer to light the entire exhibition, Tesla/Westinghouse created what was to be a Waterloo for Edison's plan for national direct current municipal power supplies.
At the 15 December sale of Important Watches in New York, 321 clients from 19 countries registered to bid online - the highest ever for this category at Christie's; 39 per cent of the sale's items were sold to or directly underbid by a Christie's LIVE client.
3m [pounds sterling], underbid by sculpture dealer Danny Katz.
But in a newspaper interview, he said: "Bilfinger Berger were a delinquent contractor who scented a victim, who probably greatly underbid and would use the contract to make life extremely difficult for the city.
At a street corner, some tuktuk drivers are playing dice for money and are quick to underbid each other for the few foreign fares still available.
If you average cost and your competitors study your bidding history and figure out which types of jobs you underbid and overbid, they could exploit the error in your costing for their own gain (and your loss), for example, allowing you to win jobs you tend to underbid and scraping extra profit from jobs you tend to overbid.