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Synonyms for underarm

with hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level

with the hand swung below shoulder level


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This was also my patch test, and as my skin didn't show any reaction, the process was repeated several times and then again on the other underarm area.
In addition, Dove clinical protection is the only prescription-strength product to contain Dove's 1/4 moisturizers to care for and condition delicate underarm skin.
Each strip has a special waffle technology to grip hairs directly from the root - they can be used on the facial area, legs, underarms and the bikini area.
Manufacturers are doing this by trying to provide a product that reaches beyond the essential and into the luxurious category, such as Unilever's Dove Silk Dry deodorant and the recent Pearl & Beauty range under the Nivea brand that uses pearl extracts, which the company claims leaves underarms feeling smoother.
Are there any particular exercises that I can do at the gym to help flatten my stomach and tighten up the flab at my underarms and back?
Faulkner, who lives in Brandon, MS, has invented disposable underarm dress and shoe liners, both with adhesive backings to stick to their garments.
Women would wear these wide crinoline skirts, which would get in the way of the underarm bowling action.
the Thompson Tee with Hydro-Shield Technology, Guarantees Protection from Embarrassing Underarm Sweat Marks and Pesky Yellow Stains; Improves Quality of Life for Some and Provides Added Confidence for Many Others
BOSTON, June 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Unwanted underarm sweating-something nearly everyone experiences, often regardless of climate or temperature-can now be eliminated in a single, non-invasive, permanent procedure.
Reichel explains how Ultherapy has now become a popular treatment against excessive underarm sweating.
London, Dec 3 (ANI): It's out: the world's first support garment for women with saggy underarm skins was launched yesterday.
They could still smell underarm sweat even when it had been "masked" with a scent.
Nivea reckons it's all down to the avocado extract it contains which softens underarm skin, allowing a closer shave.
DryShield underarm pads, pictured left, could be the answer to avoiding wet patches.
With this is mind Dove is shaking up attitudes towards underarms wit its 'Arm up for Summer' campaign to explain the importance of underarm skincare in your everyday beauty routine.