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Synonyms for underachieve

perform less well or with less success than expected


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Stanley, a former classroom teacher, gifted services coordinator, and author of teacher education books, examines the 10 most common reasons why smart, advanced, and gifted students underachieve in school--boredom, social-emotional needs, not having peers, home life, twice-exceptionality, lack of intrinsic motivation, lack of skills, lack of programming or trained teachers, not being challenged, and being too smart for their own good--and strategies to overcome them.
If teachers are more confident about the way they teach and plan then children do not underachieve, they achieve a lot.
The study, the African Caribbean Achievement Plan, said: 'Some, although not all, African Caribbean young people underachieve because they are educated in an education system that is not totally effective and which exhibits aspects of racism.
As they waste time, flub opportunities, and underachieve, so do their companies.
It took me some time to realise that I had to be well versed in all those areas, otherwise I would always underachieve.
In Qatar and Turkey, girls underachieve in mathematics, achieve as well as boys in science and overachieve in reading.
The reason GH gets such strong support from other managers is that they know that under him Liverpool will continue to underachieve.
In the classroom, young women still shirk physics and information technology lessons, traditionally dominated by boys, while young men remain much more likely to underachieve in education.