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Synonyms for undependable

not to be depended on

so weak or defective as to be liable to fail

Synonyms for undependable

not worthy of reliance or trust

liable to be erroneous or misleading


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Well aware of Pakistani irritants like undependable power and Internet connections, and lack of office space and mentors, Mr.
Yes, there is a lot of undependable information out there.
Axel Merk has written a book lamenting an undependable dollar and his funds designed to manage currency risk include a gold ETF -- so it would be disingenuous to count him as a critic of gold.
He is regarded as wild, naughty, silly, undependable, lacking in seriousness or even promise.
Life for gang members is wrought with anxiety arising from the constant threat of violence, and the social belonging offered by gang membership is proven to be undependable.
Its undependable and small oil and gas industry accounts for 87 percent of the value of its exports, with the rest accounted for by fish and agricultural produce.
It was something remote communities have been warning about for years: staffing shortages and significant coverage gaps causing undependable first response to emergencies.
Over the years, it's gained a reputation as an undependable killer among some circles due to poor bullet choice--the high velocities it produces can cause projectiles designed for slower 7mm cartridges, such as the 7x57mm Mauser, to fragment on impact, drastically reducing penetration.
Moreover, most of these laser pens are made in China, and break down often, making them lousy and undependable weapons in the long run.
Says the Pafmil: "Turkish flour imports remain an unstable and undependable [source of flour].
These so called labs give out results which are completely undependable.
The more a grid relies on undependable renewables, the more unstable it becomes and the higher the risk of blackouts and brownouts.
In India, their grid is very undependable," said Drew Zogby, president of the Bellingham-based Alpha Technologies.
He said that those who moved to Bangladesh have now realised their mistake as working in another country with alien laws and undependable environments icult.
Invariably choosing a laser printer over noisy, slow and undependable inkjet printers that guzzle cartridges faster than you can say "Print that please