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Synonyms for undemonstrative

Synonyms for undemonstrative

Antonyms for undemonstrative

not given to open expression of emotion

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An undemonstrative man, he greeted his rasping square cut against Darren Sammy with a roar of satisfaction.
This poor, undemonstrative landmark, however, cries out for a fitting work of art that complements its strategic location.
But the building also exhibits an undemonstrative lyricism in its approach to materials, response to context and handling of light.
What I like about Reina is that he's undemonstrative and gets on with his job, always talking and always helping his team-mates.
Trott continued to slip under the radar on his way to an undemonstrative but composed half-century which arrived off 105 balls when he straight-drove Gul for his seventh four.
Here, particularly the contemplative and ruminative nine-minute adagio in the Piano Quartet of 1942 is played with great empathy, quietly, in a fully lived unending calm and with undemonstrative gravity.
The bespectacled undemonstrative 53-year-old could be forgiven also for cocking a snook at the skeptics, who ridiculed his target of a semi-final spot for a side that was on a four-game friendlies losing streak and finding goals hard to come by.
Now, she is undemonstrative and not even open to cuddles or shows of affection.
Hughes is passionate about his sport though in an undemonstrative way - his style silent and deadly.
Dennis, the hero, comes from a rather conventional family consisting of a singly undemonstrative father and a surly older brother; football and television are approved of, and little boys who like reading copies of Vogue and looking at pretty dresses are not.
Stevens was undemonstrative and straight-faced even when he had his famous opponent at his mercy.
He is a humble, undemonstrative man who nevertheless works tirelessly, often far away from the glare of publicity, to bring peace to our troubled continent.
A writer who is an observer of life and one who is undemonstrative, rarely showing enthusiasm and excitement, who could work well under pressure.
The painter was, however, never friendless in America, and the opinion expressed in 1907 by Roger Fry, then at the Metropolitan Museum, that 'Claude still lives, not, indeed as one of the gods of the sale-room, but in the hearts of contemplative and undemonstrative people', remains true.