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not tested or proved

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Sylvester, Proof of the hitherto undemonstrated Fundamental Theorem of Invariants, Philosophical Magazine 5 (1878), 178-188; reprinted in Coll.
We ought to attend to the undemonstrated sayings and opinions of experienced and older people or of people of practical wisdom not less than to demonstrations; for, because experience has given them an eye, they see aright.
Sometimes one finds them on the front page of a newspaper - the May 10 Register-Guard, for example, which displayed a huge yet content-free article on a pronouncement of a secret, unsurprisingly undemonstrated energy-capture mechanism similar, the writer noted, to "black holes" ("Could this be the solar solution?
Sextus observes that every argument depends on undemonstrated epistemic principles and that if we tried to demonstrate their validity, that demonstration would rely on another set of undemonstrated epistemic principles.
It is premature to mandate warning patients of an unknown and undemonstrated increase in the risk of developing breast cancer associated with neuroleptic treatment.
She never once allowed her unfaltering love for us to go unspoken or undemonstrated.
Undemonstrated or unexpressed feelings are destructive.
a volcanic eruption) have been transmitted in such a way for as long as thousands of years, accurate transmission of generations of ages over such periods is undemonstrated.
With the debut of the Miraj Diamond[TM] platform, AKHAN Technologies has developed a new patent-pending process in which n-type diamond material is created over silicon with previously undemonstrated characteristics, such as shallow ionization energy of 250 meV, high carrier mobility (greater than 1000 cm2/Vs in nanocrystalline diamond thin films), no graphitic phases, and previously undemonstrated performance in low voltage high current diode device applications (900 A/mm2 current density at +2V forward bias).
of the capacities which will be fulfilled by action which participates in and realizes those goods, those perfections, is an understanding which has amongst its sources our primary, undemonstrated but genuine practical knowledge of those goods and purposes .
It would be easy enough to describe these Dissenters as valuing Scripture simply in the mode of editors pruning a text, and running a red pencil through the portions that seemed undemonstrated in an effort to get at the points of doctrine that seemed to them true.
The safety of such an Israel and its citizens would depend on the so-far undemonstrated ability of intimidation, ruthlessly sustained, to grind Arab resistance into acquiescence.
He has no more to prove and we humans are fickle creatures, teasing more and more from our superstars until we expose a flaw previously undemonstrated, then we pick them apart until they no longer seem so special.