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requiring little if any patience or effort or skill

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The valuations remain undemanding, in our view: Russian banks are currently trading at 2012E P/BVs of 0.
She'd been supported for years by the quietly bright Philip Schofield on the undemanding This Morning sofa.
He was the last remaining link to a bygone age involving a more innocent and undemanding form of comedy; he had more in common with the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd than the stand-ups of today.
ALPHABEAT The Beat Is (Polydor) THE Scandinavian dynamic that ran through Abba, Aqua and Roxette is given new life in a sophomore set crammed full of catchy, undemanding chart fun.
In years to come, viewers will probably wonder why it won so many Oscars (six in total), but if you want some undemanding fun, this is the place to be.
WITH high-energy dance sequences, contrived romance and a beautiful cast of lithe young things with flat stomachs and even flatter dialogue, this works up just enough sweat to appeal to an undemanding teen audience.
It is possible to tackle these cases in an undemanding test-yourself format, or to merely read through the text.
Fitchburg, a woman of indomitable spirit, a wife with unflinching love, a kind mother with enduring patience, a dedicated nurse who never left a patient uncomforted, an accepting and undemanding family member, a friend who always listened, an active church member who understood the true gift of giving, a bird lover of distinction, a bargain hunter who never willingly passed a dollar store, a smart humorist with spontaneous one-liners, a major Disney aficionado, an avid recyclist, a person who loved to be outdoors gardening or swimming, and who diligently followed the Serenity Prayer, finally did succumb to the overwhelming effects of cancer that she bravely fought for one and one-half years on Feb 1st, 2007.
That said, it may pass a reasonably undemanding 108 mins.
The plot's too silly and convoluted to care about, but if you're in an undemanding mood, and like vampire flicks and Beckinsale in leather, and don't mind stylized amped-up violence, ``Evolution'' is for you.
It may seem like an undemanding question, but admiring such exquisite works, reading the tags for insight and meaning, one might ask, "Who's keeping the culture?
To McClaren's disgust, the revival was terminated in embarrassing fashion after 75 minutes, when poor Schwarzer let Mido's undemanding low shot squeeze underneath him.
The problem is, are states setting up undemanding definitions of proficiency, and in the end, hurting students in the long run?
His script is the film's greatest strength, and this, combined with solid performances by newcomer Adam Butcher as Ralph, the veteran Gordon Pinsent as the grimly punitive headmaster with a heart of gold, Campbell Scott as Father Hibbert, a forward-thinking Catholic priest who reads Nietzsche to his young charges and was a marathon runner himself before he entered the priesthood, and Jennifer Tilly as a helpful hospital nurse, make Saint Ralph an enjoyable, undemanding film.
The softened America at its nadir--with undemanding schools, unpunished crime, rampant welfare, a feckless army under a timid national policy in Vietnam--is the setting for Saul Bellow's Mr.