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not represented accurately or precisely

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The eastern gap--an undelineated area of the Gulf of Mexico beyond the 200-mile exclusive economic zones of Cuba, Mexico, and the United States--could potentially hold large amounts of oil, although to date there is little hard data to confirm this.
Qualitative data affirmed the validity of much of the extant knowledge about statistics anxiety, but also disclosed new facets of knowledge, such as the importance of time management skills, and the identification of some previously undelineated factors.
Consequently, future law and emotion scholarship would benefit from a more self-conscious approach that articulates where the piece of life under scrutiny lies in the undelineated territory of law, culture, and society.
However, "economic use" remains undefined and undelineated.
21) When we examine just a few of the ways in which Ovid, throughout the Metamorphoses, exploits the words umbra, imago, and corpus to explore distinctions between that which has corporeality and is real, and that which is without bodily substance and is unreal, it becomes clear that Shakespeare's use of substance, shadow, and shade, far from being vague and undelineated, is both precise and paradoxical in the strictly Ovidian sense found in the Latin which describes Narcissus's falling in love with that which is imaginis umbra and Phaethon being puffed up with imagine falsi, which has the precise connotation of something doubly unreal.
are undelineated," and the depths of which are "unnamed" (MM 115).
While the display of this information is gracefully accomplished, its relationship to Twelfth Night is unclear and undelineated and, except for the novelty of the multimedia presentation, reproduces what is found in most general introductions to Shakespeare.
The siren covers, on the other hand, appeared to be machine-produced; in contrast to the kettles, they were uniform, undelineated, and seemed to function almost as a platoon of soldiers.
Each site either had a significant and adequately maintained, nonexperimental change in delineation 2 or 3 years prior to the study or an undelineated, matched control site.
In most distributorships, the sales supervisory position remains vague and undelineated.
More subtly, the "carved sides" of this structure, otherwise undelineated, might suggest a richly decorated Hindu temple as readily as a Roman one, and the dome itself, a characteristic Islamic as well as a Roman citation in nineteenth-century architecture, is another eclectic gesture.
At the same time, receiving so little focused international diplomatic attention, Khartoum refuses to negotiate reasonably about border delineation (20 percent of the 2,100-kilometer north/south border remains undelineated, more than half a year after Southern independence); and the regime refuses to permit demarcation of what actually has been delineated (including the delineation of Abyei as rendered in the "final and binding" decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration).