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Synonyms for undefined

Synonyms for undefined

not precisely limited, determined, or distinguished


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for example, reported that 3 and 4-year-old children showed similarly high accuracy rates in selecting an undefined object (displayed simultaneously with two familiar objects) under the control of different types of words (object, shape, color, and texture labels).
China has pointed out many times that the illegal trespass of Indian border troops on the mutually recognized border line is different from the frictions in the undefined sections of the boundary,' Geng said.
Gang said: "China has pointed out many times that the illegal trespass of Indian border troops of the mutually recognised border line is different in nature from the frictions in the undefined sections of the boundary.
Total about 66 vehicles FLIRT / number of GTW still undefined
This situation results practically because of some serious limitations of CIV in deciphering the status of congestion such as first, the CIV is designed to evaluate only a single status of congestion in that the routes with CIV greater than 2 are categorized as congested whereas the congestion status of the routes with CIV smaller than 2 remain undefined.
Swansea Bay" tends to imply a seaside resort in some undefined place or country.
For six out of eight participants, the undefined dictated names did not control the selection of the corresponding printed letter during four test sessions using the first set of stimuli, even though performance in exclusion and baseline trials remained close or equal to 100%.
For the remaining year of his contract with McLaren Lowe "will be performing a different role" within the organisation, according to team principal Martin Whitmarsh, albeit undefined and understood to be away from grands prix weekends.
A special problem is the undefined policy of the USA toward the Balkans and Iran's interest in keeping a secondary hotbed in the region.
They are using these skills to launch their own company - The Undefined Group - which has completed projects in Cumbria and Northumberland and has the promise of work abroad.
Miko fears that the judges from this court will present some kind of an undefined stance that will neither condemn Greece nor pass a verdict that will benefit Macedonia but the court will say that this problem is a problem between the two countries and that it has no authorities in NATO or any other institution.
The undefined parts, bad parts and good parts are automatically sorted, with the good parts being sent directly to ship-ready containers.
Daley and former Aon exective chairman Pat Ryan, who lead the bid committee for the 2016 Summer Olympics, have a tall hurdle to clear: convincing the International Olympic Committee evaluation team that Chicago's unorthodox combination of limited city and state financial guarantees, plus an undefined insurance policy, is just as good as the unconditional government commitments offered by Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.
Undefined codes were the residual codes which include codes described as 'Other Specified', 'Unspecified' and 'Other and Unspecified'.
We're past the point of gushing about vague promises of undefined change.