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Gary's undefeated and will bring it on the night because he's got the confidence of an unbeaten fighter.
If we have a 0-0 with 20 minutes to go against Spurs, we are not going to play for the 0-0 to be undefeated after 21 matches.
According to promoter Adrian Patrick, CEO of KO Kings, "Although Chris Howard and Arash Usnamee are both undefeated, these two great warriors couldn't be more different.
The DVD features an access all areas documentary following Calzaghe, Britain's only undefeated boxing world champion with 46 wins and 32 KOs, leading up to his last ever fight before retirement - the victory over Roy Jones Jr.
Villa lost a further match to last season's winners, Solihull & Shirley, 5-4 with Warwickshire's John Hudson & Rob Forrester taking the honours with an undefeated display.
Other contenders include Royal of Simi Valley (21-2-4), which is coming off an undefeated run through the Marmonte League, extending its undefeated streak to 22 games.
AFCA: How tough is it to go undefeated in the Southeastern Conference?
Everybody get it started, I'm on top of the world what a feeling, Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, I'm undefeated, undefeated.
Four Oaks' Karen Haywood was undefeated for the Streetly side in their 4-2 victory over SGN.
The season after Spectacular Bid captured the first two legs of the Triple Crown and finished third in the Belmont Stakes, the colt was undefeated in nine races, including the Strub Stakes and Santa Anita Handicap.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- The last time a men's NCAA Division I college basketball team went undefeated through the entire regular season was over 13 years ago.
Shakeel Nawaz hit an undefeated 60 and Steve McGenity claimed 3-5.
The former Georgia Tech champion remains undefeated after this week's performances of 6.
Newbury Park was undefeated in league play last year, but will have a hard time repeating that feat this season after the graduation of star guard Kavita Goss (LMU).