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not announced or openly acknowledged


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Despite having in place deterrents like the annual filing of Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN), it does not stop public officials and employees from hiding undeclared income which in turn hampers transparent governance and anti-corruption mechanisms,' the progressive solon said in filing the resolution.
He said though the country had been fighting the American war for last two decades but the recent tweet of the US President Trump has ended all the doubts about the undeclared war on Pakistan.
Suspects are charged with undeclared assets from 2009 to the present of more than e1/41m.
The estimated value of the undeclared assets has not been made public.
The IAEA needs to gather a great deal of information on Iran nuclear activities to confirm absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran and this process is time-consuming, he added.
Besides undeclared curfew, curbs on assembly of people continued throughout Kashmir including Kashmir affecting the normal life on the 65th straight day in the Valley, on Sunday.
But, they are invisible, undeclared, victims of insecurity and social exclusion.
Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia launched a campaign against undeclared work with a set of active measures.
com)-- Undeclared Allergens - A Cause of Food Recalls
35 for 2014 stipulatingthat persons who own undeclared gold bullions and haven't paid import fees for it to settle their status by registering it and paying the fees without suffering any legal liability.
As a result scanning for undeclared lithium batteries is a challenge that is being addressed across the industry.
To commence this critical evaluation of the policy options for tackling the undeclared economy, the first section reveals how the problem of tackling undeclared work needs re-framing as a wicked problem rather than a tame one.
The discussion, which focused on informal economy and undeclared work, was organized by the Center for the Study of Democracy and the University of Sheffield.
Scientists at Nottingham Trent University tested 57 products from 10 retailers and found that seven contained undeclared offal while five contained blood serum.
Amid a string of product recalls in late March and early April, New Life Nutritional Center, New York, NY, recalled its Super Fat Burner capsules, Maxi Gold capsules and Esmeralda softgels after FDA analysis revealed the products contained undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) sibutramine, phenolphthalein or a combination of both.