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Quinn loses sleep, food, and sanity to get to the "brute, undeciphered code of being," an imaginary place or status that he believes Reznikoff has reached through his writing (AH, 35).
Travel Business Review-October 23, 2012--OXFORD - Technology helping to crack oldest undeciphered writing system(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Kanai observes Piya watching the river as "a textual scholar poring over an undeciphered manuscript: it was as though she were puzzling over a codex, that had been authored by the earth itself" (222).
The third issue concerns the interpretation of the meaning of many of the Romanesque sculptures of the cathedral, some of which remain undeciphered.
Located in a grand vertical gallery, the immense vase is the centrepiece in the room, but closer inspection of its surface reveals a wealth of Art Nouveau ornament and symbolist details--including life casts of spiders, juniper branches, scraps of lace, and other as yet undeciphered motifs.
At the same time, the predominance of the open and accessible designs of the painted pot, the semiotics of the village community is eclipsed by a new and arcane system of marks: the literacy and numeracy of the emergent urban rulers, cuneiform incisions on clay tablets in Mesopotamia, (9) ink brushmarks on silk, wooden tablets or bamboo in China, (10) the hieroglyphs of dynastic Egypt, (11) glyphic script of the Mayan priesthood (12) and the incised marks, as yet undeciphered, on the Harrapan pottery of the Indus Valley, (13) marks with meanings unknown to the communities that provided the basis of these ancient civilizations.
Andrew Robinson is the author of Lost Languages: The Enigma of the World's Undeciphered Scripts (Thames & Hudson, 2009) and other books on ancient scripts.
He accounts for a proportion of previously undeciphered terms by attributing them to a secret language roughly speaking a sort of pig Latin which Fulani men used to obfuscate matters they didn't want women to comprehend.
The inscription on the outer band is undeciphered, but it was probably the kind of poetry that was read at a majlis.
The Aztec quipu, or khipu, the as yet undeciphered system of recording information in a code similar to binary code into knotted strings, which themselves were woven in patterns and with colors that held meaning, is yet another form of ancient American writing.
All in all, as Gabriela Massuh remarks, the meaning of the Zahir, as well as the protagonist's madness, remains undeciphered despite the detective structure of the plot.
With Zapotec writing still undeciphered, the reasons for Monte Alban's demise remain a web that may never be fully untangled.
Mr Anderson said: "I realised after studying it for some minutes that a previously undeciphered signature below the title was, in fact, in reverse.
I was also interested in meta-musical and, para-musical ways of expression, or down-right musical pataphysics (for example an incredibly knotted washing line called As Yet Undeciphered Notation in Knot Script, 1975) and I created various objects (one memento of this activity is the "musical can" on the jacket of the CD Der Erste), and I was involved in the mail art movement.