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free from deception or illusion

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He had honestly meant to undeceive the large blue mottled man, but somehow forgot about it.
For it was the conviction of both ladies that, under the iron despotism of his senior partners, the young man's life was spent in the most exhausting professional labours--and he had never thought it necessary to undeceive them.
I felt that I had only to be placid and merry once for all to undeceive my dear and set her loving heart at rest.
Pray undeceive him as soon as you can, and tell him I beg his pardon -- that is -- I do not know what I ought to say -- but make him understand what I mean, in the properest way.
In short, if she could but see Phoebus once more, for a single minute, only one word would be required, one look, in order to undeceive him, to bring him back.
They imagined that I was in love with Marie, and this was the only point on which I did not undeceive them, for they got such enjoyment out of it.
Setliffe saw his mistake, appreciated the naive compliment, and decided not to undeceive him.
To set this point at rest, for once and for ever, we hasten to undeceive them, and stride to its commencement.
He is a usurer, and his scheme of usury is so profoundly and so cleverly based upon the requirements of the whole canton, that I should merely waste my time if I were to take it upon myself to undeceive them as to the benefits which they reap, in their own opinion, from their dealings with Taboureau.
That is indeed unfortunate; but if you are really blameless, cannot you undeceive them?
Deprived of their adherents and mediators; her pride and jealousy roused to the utmost; with nobody to undeceive her, and you to confirm me; you will find that their intercourse will close with her answer.