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move out of a curled position

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Thankfully, I uncurl my legs from beneath me and stand, feeling the blood rush back into my calves and feet.
Uncurl your toes (you'll support yourself on the tops of your feet), lower your butt down and let your back arch.
As he well knew, however, a good cup of tea cannot be rushed, and he always insisted that the teapot, cup and teaspoon be properly warmed before the tea is made, and that the brewing time should be determined by the level of leaves in the tea caddy as leaves uncurl over time, and smaller leaves fall to the bottom.
Your small hands will uncurl no more; Your little eyes will never open again; your tiny heart has stopped beating.
He could look at us in our diner eating, And if so moved uncurl a hand in greeting.
Considerably myself uncurl and confirm technical, profession competence as well as their key competence.
Thrips, minuscule squiggly squirmers that appear when you uncurl the leaves they inhabit, go through their entire life cycle in only 10 days.
Unlike a tea bag that compresses under its own weight when steeped in water, the tea stick allows tea leaves enough space to uncurl and impart its full flavor to the water they steep in.
Uncurl and straighten the two paper clips so that there is just one hook on each paper clip.
To come out of the posture, while keeping the grip, relax your hips back down onto your heels and slowly uncurl the spine until your back is straight again, bringing the chin off the chest last.
Tell them to blow through the end of the party blower to watch the "proboscis" curl and uncurl.
Genomics has developed the GeneEngine, a set of laboratory devices that enable researchers to uncurl and separate individual strands of DNA or RNA which are then run through a nanotechnology sequencer in extremely long, unbroken, linear segments.
Shielded from brutalizing overload, the senses uncurl and stretch languorously.
The instructor can demonstrate that holding the string farther back on the fingers results in an automatic twang as the fingers uncurl to release.
After 15 sceonds, release the tension and experience the warmth and sensation of relaxation that spreads as your fingers uncurl.