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not suitable for cultivation or tilling

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02 Total Uncultivated Area Waste Particulars (Unit) Cultivable Uncultivable Total 1 12 13 14 Badsar Teeka Total: 178 Hectare L U 34 142 176 S U 34 142 176 Arari Tikka Total Area: 104 Hectare L U 32 72 104 S U 32 72 104 Kuddan Teeka Total Area: 86 Hectare L U 0.
5 percent of the total area of holdings in 2011 was uncultivable.
Secondary data from the district office shows that the area is highly eroded and most of the land is non-productive and uncultivable.
Major Challenges related to agriculture like Low productivity in cultivable areas, Large uncultivable areas,Shrinkage of cultivable lands, Wastage of inputs like water, fertilizers, pesticides, Wastage of products and of course Food security for growing numbers can be addressed through various applications of nanotechnology.
Metagenomics is now days become a tool to exploit the potential of uncultivable majority of soil and other environmental samples.
More than 30% of the flood devastated land is already uncultivable due to presence of silt and sand, therefore it will have serious impact on food production, he observed.
Further, given the size of states and their internal heterogeneity, it is possible that there are large tracts of uncultivable land including mountains and lakes, even though the productivity of the cultivated land is high.
4 million hectares being rendered uncultivable due to excessive salinity levels.
Identification based on the 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis has several advantages; it can identify all bacteria including those which are nonviable or uncultivable, it allows recognition and the reliable phylogenetic placement of species previously not described, more rapid turn around time with improved accuracy when compared to phenotypic identification (16-18).
One point being worth of mention is that deposited particles on solid surfaces may still be dangerous since some virus and germs remain alive for a long period even in uncultivable environments.
The majority of big land lord gave up about 30 percent of the area but it was generally barren or uncultivable.
1996, Identification of an uncultivable Borrelia species in the hard tick Amblyomma americanum: possible agent of a Lyme-like illness.
54) The government confiscated over 85 percent of the land of the Bedouin Palestinians of the Negev Desert (55) and concentrated the remaining Bedouins into small, largely uncultivable nearby areas.