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Synonyms for unction

excessive but superficial compliments given with affected charm

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smug self-serving earnestness

anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual

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Tenders are invited for Systematic Maintenance Of Railway Siding At Bsc Hanuman Unction For The Year 2017-18
Evangelist Morris explains TAP as "The anointed principles of God" or a gift of God's glory or unction to move in God's anointing glory, and receiving the fullness of God as we understand our position in His gifting.
unit, unison, union, unction, tunic, suit, suction, stun, snout, scut, scout, outs, oust, onus, nuncio, nous, noun, incus, cuts, cousin, counts, count, continuo, CONTUSION Wordsquare: C.
UNCTION A To curdle B Ointment C Free from a curse who am I?
Anointing of the sick began as a ministry to people who were ill, but in the absence of modern medicine, it became a last anointing called extreme unction.
Volunteers are needed to ensure the service can continue to f unction and serve the community.
You can even use the controller in conj unction with a tablet, PC or TV, and turn your mobile phone into a second screen for playing back your best clips.
In conjunction with thermal soaring, the system will harvest and store solar power through high efficiency photovoltaic cells developed by the research laboratory, enabled in part by Semprius' manufacturing process for printing multi-j unction solar cells on top of each other.
In this transitory life, for Everyman and everyone around, the blessed sacraments seven there be: baptism, confirmation, with priesthood good, and the sacrament of God's precious flesh and blood, marriage, the holy extreme unction, and penance; gracious sacraments of high divinity.
From there I moved to the sacrament called extreme unction.
Many would die without receiving Extreme Unction, and Holy Orders would be ridiculed.
PRAYER FOR UNITY -- Pope Francis and Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew kneel to kiss the Stone of Unction, believes to be the stone where Jesus' body was prepared for burial, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Israel, last Sunday.
The Ford Focus skidded 40ft down Colinton Street, Wavertree, before heading through a T-j unction into Tiverton Street and hitting a parked Renault Clio.
Critical care was defined as monitoring of each organ, correct of organ unction, achieving physiological parameters and management of total body functions to save life.
Students' call at college TUDENTS have branded a unction close to Middlesrough College a hazard and ay safety improvements are esperately needed.