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Like the Reader's Digest series, these books provide us with an organic understanding of our bodies, but they do so by uncovering how our eating connects us to the rest of creation and by warning us of the vices of an industrial agriculture threatening our bodies and the environment.
Uncovering hidden agendas doesn't have to be painful for anyone involved.
And as head deputy, he has overseen the Welfare Fraud Division in the DA's Office, which has made unprecedented strides in uncovering abuses by social service recipients.
The discussion of Wright is similarly intriguing, uncovering the "infantile sadistic fantasies" that cause the white hero of Savage Holiday to kill a neighboring woman in a substitutive fantasy of matricide.
On uncovering fraud, 76% of the companies immediately dismissed the employee deemed responsible and 21% permitted the employee to resign.
For more important than uncovering, say, that military employees were pilfering millions of dollars worth of government equipment--as was revealed in 1990--is explaining how the system allowed it to happen in the first place.
But Mu Security's appliance is aimed at uncovering zero-day vulnerabilities -- the holes that generally aren't known to exist.
Hasan added that work is underway in al-Kahef castle in Amrit, with excavations uncovering limestone walls forming small chambers, a well, a limestone basin, a small stone mortar and pestle, bronze coins, and pottery fragment dating back to the Islamic era.
Together the intrepid investigators use their talents to move through a maze of artistic, linguistic, and mathematical codes and puzzles, unraveling the mystery of Saunier's murder and uncovering the greater mystery of his identity as the head of an ancient secret society entrusted with a secret about Christianity's founder and origins.
The as-yet-unnamed animals come from a quarry near Price, Utah, where researchers are uncovering many new dinosaur species.
The killing fields near Srebrenica will rumble with earth-moving equipment today as war-crimes investigators begin uncovering the victims of the Bosnian war's worst massacres.
A solid auditing or accounting background is helpful in uncovering white-collar crime, but it's not the whole answer.
Uncovering the Sixties: The Life and Times of the Underground Press.
The Web site provides a forum for parents to obtain more information about the need for sports screening physicals with cardiac testing; learn how vital family health history can be in uncovering possible heart conditions; view a checklist to ensure student athletes remain safe and healthy; and discover ways to initiate a screening event in their community.