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Better keep on the surface, in the prudent old New York way, than risk uncovering a wound he could not heal.
A hole had been excavated in the ground, partially uncovering a heavy chest, and across this chest lay the headless body of Doctor Carl von Horn.
Only his hands, with which he kept his coat-skirts down round Nikita's sides, and his legs which the wind kept uncovering, began to freeze, especially his right hand which had no glove.
And Jerry did, uncovering two eggs, breaking them and lapping that portion of their precious contents which was not spilled and wasted in the sand.
set the question forever at rest by uncovering the bones of the slain
Of course I did not repeat my folly of uncovering, nor venture by even so much as too long a look to manifest an interest in her; yet my heart was beating audibly.
Things came up there and grew and flowered exactly as my gardening books said they should do; and in front of me, in the gay orchard, things that nobody ever troubled about or cultivated or noticed throve joyously beneath the trees,--daffodils thrusting their spears through the grass, crocuses peeping out inquiringly, snowdrops uncovering their small cold faces when the first shivering spring days came.
Oh yes, I am fit," said Margaret, uncovering her face.
Falk, uncovering his head, lingered in the pas sage.
Outwardly at least he was himself again; the first sign of it was the re turn of that incongruous trick he had of drawing both his hands down his face--and it had its mean ing now, with that slight shudder of the frame and the passionate anguish of these hands uncovering a hungry immovable face, the wide pupils of the intent, silent, fascinating eyes.
She made a slight movement without uncovering her eyes.
The waiter, a wild-haired youth in tarred boots and a pink shirt, exclaimed, uncovering his pale gums in a silly grin, that Ziemianitch had got his skinful early in the afternoon and had gone away with a bottle under each arm to keep it up amongst the horses--he supposed.
From predicting disease to identifying top producers to spotting quickly any claims that could escalate, these insurers have found the insights they are uncovering can not only help their policyholders but also help their bottom lines.
In turn, head of the Archeological Excavations Department Yousef Kanjo said that his department surveyed the Tel Berneh site south of Aleppo city, proving that it dates back to pre-Neolithic times, uncovering several finds including flint, bone and clay shards.
FORTY YEARS AGO READER'S DIGEST RAN A SERIES OF popular articles uncovering the mysteries of the human body and the threats modern life poses to the organs hidden behind our flesh.