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Cash from uncounted votes in Soapstar Superstar has now gone to the Baby Lifeline fund at Fairfield Hospital, in Bury, Greater Manchester.
In fact, adding the uncounted and illegal portion of the economy could add about $100 to the $340 annual gross national income rate per person.
Saudi Arabia's uncounted number of undocumented migrants and visa overstayers - people who entered the country legally, usually with a pilgrimage visa, but remained beyond the expiration date of their temporary visas - need to make phone calls, so they approach vendors such as Mohammed to obtain an account.
The latest is Rick Perry, who argues that the unemployment rate is a "sham" because it "leaves millions of American workers uncounted.
An official of STEP said one of the most marginalized groups in Pakistan Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are mostly unseen, unheard and uncounted.
Some of the harrowing incidents recorded in The Uncounted Dead: farming's unofficial victims include: the 700,000 chickens who drowned on adjoining farms located on a flood plain (the company is rebuilding its sheds on the same site); and the 2,000 pigs who perished in a fire at a Lincolnshire farm, only for 670 more pigs to die at the same farm in another fire just six months later.
The 'gender identity' provisions of this Rule raise irreconcilable conflicts between separating restroom, dressing, and sleeping facilities on the basis of biological sex or on the basis of 'gender identity,' and the possibility of uncounted compliance costs related to the construction of 'single-user restrooms' to insure privacy.
The source added that those forces began to progress after clashes that broke out this morning, where light and heavy weapons were used, adding that there are casualties in the ranks of the organization, which is uncounted yet.
Sing loud the songs of battle, Stand steady and true to the cause, Odds forever uncounted, But down fell friend and foe.
The main category of ballots still uncounted are ones with signature problems - either they are unsigned or the signature on the ballot doesn't match county records.
The country's GDP now includes previously uncounted industries like telecoms, information technology, music, online sales, airlines and film production.
was unimaginably insensitive, not only to the families of American servicemen lost, but to uncounted Iraqi lives shattered by him and his vice president, Dick ("never met a deferment I didn't take'') Cheney.
Analysts say Nigeria's economy could show growth of as much as 70 percent on Sunday when the finance minister announces figures to include previously uncounted industries like cell phones and IT, airlines and the Nollywood film industry that didn't exist when the last assessment was made in 1990.
The attack resulted in many uncounted casualties, as the sources added Touzkhormatoo is attached administratively to Salahal-din province, but its local administration wanted to be attached to Kirkuk province in protest for the negligence practiced by Salahal-din province.
The county also approved the harvest of many as-yet uncounted storm-damaged trees at its own lot at Highway 24 and McLean School Road.