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We caught 11 African pompano that day, keeping two, and an uncountable number of AJs.
Larger TVs require smarter technology, which Samsung truly delivers in its piece-of-art UHD TV with an exponential number of pixels, a myriad of new superior features that heighten picture quality next to embedded services and applications, Internet connectivity and uncountable content.
He was a man with a close, loving family and uncountable friends and he had lived a full and varied life.
Synopsis: "A Biography of the Spirit" offers an astonishing revelation of the beauty, might, subtlety, simplicity, and love that infuses everything, from a trillion bacteria around us we cannot see to uncountable stars above us to billions of living things at the bottom of the sea to a singular bird on our windowsill.
Many feel it is easy to gulp down uncountable cups of coffee in order to stay awake and alert late at night, but when that high of caffeine wears off, one may feel even slower.
The international organization said in a press release on Friday that the number of social media websites found on the Internet today is uncountable, yet there is no single site exclusively dedicated to promoting the culture of peace.
Uncountable artillery shells and grenades were lofted at both sides, and many got buried in the ever-present mud only to lie undetected for decades.
It was witnessed during the survey that uncountable stalls, set up by the shopkeepers in front of their shops as well as illegal "Rehri bazaars" on roadsides in almost all the main shopping areas and in the major markets of the city have not only made the corridors of bazaars narrowed but also resulted in frequent traffic jams.
As far as the marking of number is concerned, nouns--traditionally --could be classified as countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
We have had an uncountable mass of appreciation from those that live in states that have to deal with heavy anti-gun legislation and regulations.
The trailer features people getting attacked, uncountable dead people and mass grave.
With the consumer durables market flooded with uncountable options-- indigenous and multinational-- the average Indian buyer is spoilt for choice.
On occasions uncountable I have heard the backers of major projects - especially those that are controversial - promise the Earth.
Subsequent chapters cover countable and uncountable sample spaces, continuous random variables, functions of one and two random variables, conditional probabilities for countable sample spaces and continuous random variables, Bernoulli, geometric and Poisson processes, Brownian motion and white noise, and convergence of random variables.
Across Turtle Island, I have seen in an uncountable number of homes the picture of Archbishop Michael Peers, former primate, delivering his apology on August 6, 1993 at the National Native Convocation, which later became known as Sacred Circle.