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Synonyms for uncoordinated

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lacking in cooperative planning and organization

lacking the skillful and effective interaction of muscle movements

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Muallem further said Syria had been "contacted" by the US about new plans for backing the US-trained militants, saying Damascus opposes any uncoordinated military move inside its territory.
Injuries and diseases of the brain are crippling millions of Americans every year, but research into the range of neurological disorders has been underfunded and uncoordinated.
health care quality professionals released in May by ASQ reveal concerns that staffing shortages will lead to more fragmented and uncoordinated care.
These are applied in an uncoordinated manner across the EU.
Among more detailed discussions are how social insurance systems are fragmented and uncoordinated, opening social insurance access to all, unemployment benefits, and traditional systems.
Attempts to move Parliament and the Government were uncoordinated and largely ineffective and there was no clear 'channel of communication' between affected families and relevant government departments.
For the past five years, ministers have been undertaking frequent private and official uncoordinated travels abroad, some of which could have been handled by their low ranking civil servants or head of missions in such respective countries.
The Scotland Yard boss said efforts to tackle organised criminals have been uncoordinated and inadequate for many years.
Even the explanation of president Ivanov that a reasonable compromise is a reasonable compromise seems reasonable if compared with the uncoordinated standpoints regarding the name which were presented by the Government over the last ten days, says Ivana Kostovska from Nova Makedonija.
There are now more incidents directed against the ISAF and Afghan forces than there were but they are still uncoordinated.
In an interview with AFP, Haitian President Rene Preval praised the massive international relief effort but warned that the aid operation remains uncoordinated.
The uncoordinated national and regional schemes are already creating a patchwork of punitive taxes that fill government coffers, but do little to effectively manage aviation's emissions," said IATA director general Giovanni Bisignani.
and the Committee on Adolescent Health Care Services, this study outlines the health status of adolescents and examines the separate and uncoordinated programs that operate in public and private health care environments.
Dubai: The International Air Transport Association (IATA), an industry group representing 230 airlines, on Wednesday said that uncoordinated green policies have "hijacked good sense" in Europe and called on governments to abandon punitive environment taxes.
And when it came to trying to catch the ball I honestly thought I was going to hurt him, so uncoordinated was he.