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(spoken slang) unfashionable and boring

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Matt will lead the exploration of wines once so uncool, they're almost cool Fonseca general manager Danielle Youds
72% of people think adding people you don't know as Facebook friends is UNCOOL
Accept things as they are or support the government in fostering a culture where it is totally uncool to get drunk.
I'm so uncool that when I want to communicate with a friend, I actually phone them up and speak to them, rather than send a wacky electronic myspace message to their so-called blog.
The only ones who are uncool are the ones taking the drugs - oblivious to the fact that they are committing suicide.
Out of place can look very cool - if you're Vivienne Westwood - but also very uncool.
Realize that not recognizing Christmas doesn't make anyone weird or uncool.
As an uncool and uncomfortable 13-year-old, Jenna Rink dreams of being a foxy, flirty, successful thirtysomething only to suddenly wake up as - yep, you guessed it - a foxy, flirty and successful thirtysomething.
It's not uncool to play by the rifles," Karan says.
And along the way, they just might want to do something as uncool as learn how to read.
Another possible explanation is that many of them see Republican moral authoritarianism as not just profoundly uncool but hostile to the individual freedom that they consider genuinely crucial to their well-being.
On a given night the rejects outside are either too got-up, which is uncool, not dressed in black, or just plain suburban.
I wonder if we'll play when he is old, For hanging round with Dad is soooo uncool, I take it I'll be left out in the cold, When he meets up with girls and goes to school, But even if he did disown his dad, He'll always be my lovely little lad.
I'm still struggling to find my way around Facebook after two years - and now I discover it's uncool.