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lacking conviction


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Time and the society of a great number of men of different ranks and natures had rid him of the outer symbol of this type of mind, which is shyness, but it had left him still unconvinced that he amounted to anything very much as an individual.
The old man heard them with patience, but shook his head like one who was unconvinced, and then answered all their arguments, in one general and positive reply.
Stormont Environment Minister Mark H Durkan said he was unconvinced of the advantages of the technology.
Jai is |unconvinced unconvinced Archie's party is a good idea but Megan insists it will ease relations with Ali
Jai is unconvinced Archie's party Jai is unconvinced Archie's party |is a good idea but Megan insists it will ease relations with Ali CORONATION STREET CORONATION STREET (7.
But he added: "It would be fair to say we remain unconvinced that we should make any move to introduce an opt-out system right now.
Summary: Russia is totally unconvinced by evidence presented by the United States and its allies of .
From Back Page are unconvinced by the Italian coach and have their own ideas of how the club should be shaped over the next five years.
A senior Labour source said: "Ed is unconvinced of the need for a Deputy PM.
Her efforts prove to be worth it as Karl and Susan get back together - but why is Sonya unconvinced by Susan's decision?
Tour begins February 2 at Newcastle TREY SONGZ His Passion, Pain & Pleasure album left many unconvinced, but R&B star Trey looks his best with the release aptly-named fifth album, Chapter V.
Summary: LONDON - The euro steadied after an initial jump and European stocks were lower after the agreement of a second bailout deal for Greece removed the threat of a disorderly bond default but left markets unconvinced it could avoid further turmoil.
A recent survey has discovered that 41 per cent of Saudi Arabia's residents are unconvinced by the quality of desalinated water, instead preferring bottled water, a report by the Saudi Gazette has revealed.
Climate researchers who are convinced of human-caused climate change had on average about twice as many publications as the unconvinced, said Anderegg.
Most countries in Europe and the United States with much more robust democratic structures are also still unconvinced of the utility of this electronic system.