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used especially of currencies

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Difficulties in this phase are raised by immature banking and funding systems, as well as inflexible and potentially unconvertible currencies.
The Teesside-born comic who turns the air blue with his jokes declared: "They are trying to convert the unconvertible.
Specifically, I propose that errors such as attempted conversions of unconvertible values or division-by-zero should appear only when absolutely necessary, when any execution plan conceivable would encounter the error An SQL statement that returned an unnecessary error (an error that would not result from every conceivable path to the data) would be guilty of this new class of bug, a wrong-errors bug.
The third issue will be unconvertible and will yield 2.
In his diaries, he records his frustrations at his numerous attempts to convert the unconvertible men on his ship.
His model shows that the value of unconvertible fiat money can be determined with no money demand as well as with elastic supply.
The facts about Eric and Nina have an undeniable, unconvertible authority.
For Identity adherents today, the Jews are literally, by genes, the seed of Satan, unconvertible, irreformable, invariably working to destroy the true race of "white Israel" they so confusingly and insidiously imitate.
It is too risky to accept the unconvertible kip, since Thai traders could not hedge their risk in any free market," the report added.
The point is that a shiksa is incontrovertibly unconvertible.
TEPCO began soliciting investors' subscriptions to 750 million euro (100 billion yen) worth of the five-year unconvertible bonds the same day.
UNDER no circumstances must the government make the rouble unconvertible.
Humanitas, claims Heidegger, is the Roman translation of [one unconvertible Greek character] expressing the Roman conviction that humanity can be cultivated through education in letters and the arts; that is, through an organized program, rather than through the spontaneous and open experience of nature, as practiced by the Greeks.
No worries, keep calm -- it turns out that the roots of anxious are the Latin angere, "to choke, strangle" and the Greek [One unconvertible Greek character] "to strangle.
4"dia (One Unconvertible Word in Greek Character)37.