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not involving any controversy

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The judge-made precedents of the common law are what the legal system uses to answer questions on which the legislature hasn't spoken--and they are usually preempted uncontroversially when the legislature finally gets around to saying otherwise.
215) This holding comports with the principle of non-retroactivity of treaties, which uncontroversially applies to all substantive treaty provisions where--as in NAFTA--the treaty contains no explicit statement to the contrary.
These deaths were mostly due to suicide attacks, assassinations, and the use of improvised explosive devices that targeted troops, their suppliers, police, officials, or locally prominent political supporters of the regime--actions that claimed, in collateral damage, many victims who were, quite uncontroversially, innocent civilians.
Long-term and short-term Treasuries have very different risk properties, and if one accepts, uncontroversially these days, that the marginal investor is risk averse, it follows from that alone that they are not perfect substitutes.
Similarly, the United States' response of also positioning troops (another implied threat) can be, under this analysis, uncontroversially viewed as proportional to the Iraqi action.
As such, they also uncontroversially provide bases upon which text can be understood, interpreted and applied.
Fairly uncontroversially, the team with the most time got to go through to the final, while the losers were given a carriage clock (and in later series also his and hers watches).
of the compliance challenge and established, uncontroversially, that the
children has been characterized as uncontroversially important.
citizens were held uncontroversially in the United States as POWs during World War II after being captured fighting for Germany and Italy.
102) In our society, the criminal sanction (103) is viewed, uncontroversially, as the most serious statement of moral blameworthiness.
Children's play areas have featured uncontroversially in Cardiff's parks since before the PC concept was invented.
The prosodic structure of right-headed compounds may fairly uncontroversially be assumed to involve a recursive prosodic word (pword, symbolized [?