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not involving any controversy

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As discussed below, cases involving nonconstitutional challenges to what can only be characterized as "major" statutes are uncontroversially "high stakes.
1) Some policies, such as benefit freezes, are uncontroversially retrenchment measures in this sense; others, such as merging the administration of tax credits, housing benefit and out-of-work benefits are obviously reforms.
I suspect that I would have not thought it such a problem to reconcile sola scriptura and the most dominant forms of Evangelical ecclesiology and view of the sacraments with (1) the authoritative manner in which the ancient creeds were issued by a Church that appropriated pagan philosophical categories, (2) the sacramental infrastructure--including penance and Eucharistic realism--that was uncontroversially practiced in the midst of so many doctrinal disputes for which many of the early councils, such as Nicea and Chalcedon, were convened, and (3) the sacerdotal hierarchy required for the normativity of the creeds and the administration of the sacraments.
In a prediction market for climate outcomes, it is important to choose climate indices that are nonmanipulable and uncontroversially and reliably measured.
The Sherman Act has had one principal success: cartels and their smoke-filled rooms, where competitors agree to waste economic resources for their own industry's benefit, are unambiguously and uncontroversially illegal in the United States (1)--unless that industry is a profession and that cartel is a state licensing board.
Frankfurt-style cases purport to show that an agent can be uncontroversially morally responsible for an action despite being unable to do otherwise.
Thus, in this paper I shall call names of the first variety, which are invented by an artist, fictional proper names, and names of the second sort, which are existent prior to the work of fiction and uncontroversially have referents which exist in the real world when used in a non-fictional context, genuine proper names.
What Spitzer did in the 1970s with the DSMIII was to offer a definition of mental disorder that enabled him on the one hand to include many conditions that were uncontroversially thought to be diseases, and on the other hand to exclude homosexuality, which a majority of psychiatrists no longer wanted to consider pathological.
The poem can be uncontroversially described as a teleological epic: it depicts the resettlement of the Trojans into Italy, repeatedly affirming the historical imperative of their success and the assured destiny of Rome.
At the top of President Michel Sleiman's agenda was discussing a defense strategy for the country, and, admittedly, the rival political leaders agreed Monday, rather uncontroversially, to continue to provide financial and moral support to the Lebanese Army.
One of them, pretty uncontroversially, outlines the responsibility of the employer to identify employee risks and provide suitable PPE equipment and advice.
i) It immediately and obviously entails (together with some empirical facts) all sorts of claims that are uncontroversially evaluative (such as that honesty is a value).
But how did evolution (which Pagel not uncontroversially takes as a survival competition for genes) permit co-operation to flourish?
Fixed-odds bookmakers, equally uncontroversially, find it hard to separate the pair on an Asian handicap line of 1.