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not by design or artifice


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The artistry of that particular scene is remarkable: We see the mother running up the mountain in her house robe of white and blue; the parallels between Mary and mother are subtle, uncontrived and very powerful.
they] bear ill the attachments and loyalties that individuals spin on their own, in the process of spontaneous, uncontrived and non-policed intercourse" (46).
24] Despite Houdini's reputation, Bisson welcomes him to the seance and suggests that Eva's gift, unlike that of the magician's, is uncontrived and depends upon "allowing the forces of nature to act" (167).
I like uncontrived arrangements - perhaps a collection of vintage tin containers, a candleholder and a collection of coloured glassware," says O'Neill.
The innocence and uncontrived nativity of yesteryear flooded back as I listened without prejudice to the re-issue of George Michael's 80s magnum opus, Faith.
Naturally enough, given the circumstances, few were inclined to believe that it was, and in vain did the governor's office, denying all culpability, scramble to produce previous Schwarzenegger missives containing such unintended acrostics as "soap" and "poet" in order to show that such uncontrived word-forming letter lineups do, in fact, often occur by chance.
Ironically, the effort to make the videos seem uncontrived through the pronouncement of the videos' realism only further calls attention to the machinations that surround the videos.
In the United States, labels--including that of rabbi--mean less than anywhere else in the world: Jews are, thank G-d, seeking that which is meaningful to them, presented in an authentic and uncontrived way.
Sue Magnier and Diane Nagle, and their respective spouses, were thoroughly genuine and uncontrived in their insistence that Yeats was a horse that they raced as much for the enjoyment of the public as for themselves.
The handwriting analyst, to whom Shaw submitted her artist statement, describes her as "spontaneous and uncontrived," "a kind-hearted humanist," and one who "is neither purely male or female, strictly straight or gay, yet docs not typify the 'swings both ways'' personality either.
Visual stimuli (both contrived and uncontrived pictures or symbols) with corresponding contrived or uncontrived vocal labels (tacts, to use Skinner's term for seeing and saying) are presented to a child in a match-to-sample arrangement in which correct and incorrect matches are present.
Translated into travel, this generally means more meaningful experiences: time spent in new places, with opportunities for uncontrived interactions with local people and cultures, as opposed to being isolated from the place they're visiting in a large tour bus or all-inclusive resort.
In The Book of the Courtier Castiglione advises his readers to "practice in all things a certain nonchalance [sprezzatura] which conceals all artistry and makes whatever one says or does seem uncontrived and effortless.
One only wished the dialogue and ideology were equally as uncontrived.