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not disputed and not made the object of contention or competition


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The results also provide evidence that there may be different motivations underlying contested and uncontested going-private transactions.
Under the new majority vote standard, in an uncontested election, a director-nominee will be elected to the Board only if he or she receives the affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast at the meeting.
Park director of rugby Martin O'Keefe said: "We put up a tremendous fight and if the game had not gone to uncontested scrums then I think we would have had a great chance of winning.
The contract is for uncontested debt service repayment pursuant to art.
BEIRUT: Uncontested candidates from different districts could win Parliament seats next week, caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel told The Daily Star, and election experts corroborated his assertion.
Among those who were elected executive members uncontested for Corporate Class include Zahid Aslam of M/S ZA International, Sheikh Muhammad Khalid Habib of M/S Habib Fabrics Private Limited, Naveed Gulzar of M/S Crescent Sugar Mills and Distillery Limited, Muhammad Ramzan of M/S Farrukh Flour Mills Private Limited, Riaz-ul-Haq of M/S Prime Packages Industries and Muhammad Amjad Khawaja of M/S Khawaja Cotton Industries.
Also uncontested, MPs Falah Al-Sawagh, Khaled Al-Adwa, Hussein Mazyad,
The paper reported that the towns of Ghwaibeh in the Jbail (Byblos) district in north Lebanon saw the election candidates win their municipal councils uncontested.
Pirates, who were finding themselves increasingly under the cosh during scrums, requested uncontested scrums for the latter part of the game after prop Peter Cook had been yellow carded for persistent infringements and replacement Sam Heard was injured.
If a claim is uncontested it means the entire case can be handled without anyone having to go near - or appear in - a court.
He stole a pass and found Keith Jarbo streaking down the court for an uncontested slam dunk to to make it a 69-57 game.
In future, the time taken for uncontested divorces - where both the husband and wife agree to split - will be halved from two years to one.
OLs came out on top 34-12 when the two met on October 29, but the game went to uncontested scrums around the half hour mark after Ledbury, already trailing 22-0, suffered two front row injuries.
John Brain has called on the International Rugby Board (IRB) to change the regulations governing front-row replacements after his Worcester side had their chances of beating Saracens hampered by the enforcement of uncontested scrums.
As at all other courses, unless the leaders go off too quickly - something that happened in most races at the first four or five meetings here - those allowed an uncontested lead are always going to be hard to pass.