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not constricted physically or by extension psychologically


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In Latvian and in the Zemaitian (northwestern) dialects of Lithuanian, originally stressed unconstricted syllables received a falling tone in opposition to the metatonical rising tones.
In order to access one's intuition, the constricted rational mental realm must give way to the unconstricted realm of un-knowing.
his own) motives are only to spread freedom and peace, he must follow his own way unconstricted by international protocols or the opinions of others.
Talk of Latin America, of course, leads inevitably to mention of his most famous protegee, the incomparable Margarita Pracatan, the cult Cuban singer who he used to introduce on his television show as the ``eager beaver diva with the unconstricted boa''.
And if an improvement in mass enlightenment is our goal, the "value" of totally privatized intellectual property may not actually outwe igh the cultural value of enlarging all our brains in a more intellectually unconstricted environment, not to mention the enlargement of our enthusiasm for, and participation in, our own culture which will result from a broadened concept of public domain.
Parties facing problems of proof may prefer to send their disputes to arbitrators who are familiar with the relevant market and who remain unconstricted by rigid rules of evidence.
The dynamic element in this analysis is individual or collective political action, which is assumed to be relatively unconstricted by structural constraints.
However, the previous studies were limited to Newtonian fluids in an unconstricted, uniform wall-thickness, channel.
First, we present the results for the straight unconstricted tubes with a specified temperature distribution at the outer wall [[Theta].
Just as George Clinton promises "a chance to dance your way out of your constrictions" in "one nation under the groove," the film and the film's soundtrack offers desire as a thoroughly free-floating, highly individual and amazingly unconstructed and unconstricted site of resistance to rigid boundaries of the self and the Other.
The tension between Teresa's conflicting identities and her desire to establish a liberated self that is unconstricted by ideological constructs, including the notion of binary oppositions, is the force that drives the novel.
The InterSense tracker measures the 3D motion of a person's head, hands, and body while allowing unconstricted movement through a virtual world.
wimani described by Deng (2001) from Fugu, Shanxi and Linxia basins, China, in the presence of weakly constricted protocone and unconstricted hypoconid, well-developed parastyle fold and paracone ribs, weaker development of crochet, small antecrochet, and wide mandibular symphysis.