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in an unconstitutional manner

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Thirdly, on 3rd November, 2007 at Rawalpindi as President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he issued an unconstitutional and unlawful "Oath of Office (Judges) Order, 2007" whereby an oath was, unconstitutionally and unlawfully, introduced in the Schedule which required a judge to abide by the provisions of the Proclamation of Emergency dated 03.
Harrell claimed the rules are unconstitutionally vague.
The opposition claimed the sultan had acted unconstitutionally in making the appointment without waiting for a vote of confidence in the state assembly.
In November, the QC reported to the council it acted unconstitutionally in the way it handled a number of decisions to "cull" senior officers.
The lawsuit filed by the woman reportedly seeks to stop enforcement of a section of an ordinance prohibiting "disorderly, obnoxious or indecent acts" at the airport, saying that the law is unconstitutionally vague.
That power is vested solely in Congress and not in the presidency--though during the Civil War President Lincoln unconstitutionally suspended habeas corpus.
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by an Air Force veteran who charged that the Air Force was unconstitutionally permitting evangelism by evangelical Christians at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo.
In a stinging rebuke to the Los Angeles City Council, a judge yanked a measure off the November ballot that would have given council members an extra four-year term, saying it unconstitutionally combined the issue with ethics reform.
The Institute's brief builds on the Commerce Clause arguments presented in its earlier brief, asserting that the tax credit does not unconstitutionally discriminate against interstate commerce.
Several lawmakers said the federal law unconstitutionally expands into state territory.
The election was necessitated by the death in February of President Eyadema, and the forced climbdown by his son, Faure, who was unconstitutionally appointed president by the military to succeed his father.
The ruling resulted from a motion filed in the trial of former Health South CEO Richard Scrushy, who argued the legislation is unconstitutionally vague.
An inmate filed a [section] 1983 action against librarians employed by a state corrections department, claiming he was unconstitutionally denied access to court.
A July court decision found such situations unconstitutionally cross the line between church and state.
Insider trading is the epitome of an undefined, unconstitutionally vague offense.