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not consistent with or according to a constitution

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Justices Isaac Lenaola, Mumbi Ngugi and David Majanja declared the entire Act unconstitutional and directed Parliament to rectify the unlawful sections within 12 months.
In such context, the words of the Constitution mean nothing and it is these accoutrements in context that make capital punishment unconstitutional by violating the Eighth Amendment against cruel and unusual punishment.
The court partially grants petition for certiorari and prohibition, declares some acts and practices under the DAP unconstitutional," SC Spokesperson Atty.
The court referred the bills back to the upper house of parliament with suggested amendments after finding four articles within the House of Representatives elections bill and nine within the political participation bill unconstitutional.
City Controller John Liu called the surveillance unconstitutional at a forum dedicated to Muslim and Arab American issues on Sunday.
Speaking to media persons here, Punjab CM Sharif said the dictator caused an irreparable loss to the nation and the country, adding the entire nation stood united against the unconstitutional step by Pervez Musharraf.
The parliament ended its second term by voting in one basket for the posts, which is unconstitutional and illegal," Lateef told Aswat al-Iraq.
The Supreme Court found the law unconstitutional in 1991.
Allowing lawmakers to take school districts out of the hands of school boards elected by the public to oversee them is unconstitutional, she found.
8/22/06, the court held that the taxation of nonphysical injury awards is unconstitutional, as it taxes receipt of money that is not "income" under the 16th Amendment.
It's clearly unconstitutional," he declares, adding that the case has gone on for so long because city officials have seen political opportunity in defying court rulings.
In approximately 800 cases, President Bush has both signed a bill and declared his intent to disregard provisions he believes are unconstitutional, the equivalent of a line-item veto.
BOARD OF EDUCATION, the Supreme Court has agreed to rule on lawsuits filed in Washington and Kentucky in which white parents claim school boards using numerical targets to maintain racial diversity in K-12 schools is unconstitutional.
O'Flaherty believes Virginia's drunk driving laws are unconstitutional, and he has been dismissing cases based on those laws since July.
The Court can check Congress by ruling that a law is unconstitutional.